Friday, December 11, 2020

Delvers Guild - Creature Catalog

This page is a compilation of links of the Creature Catalog blog entries for the Delvers Guild campaign.  I have enough of them that it is easier to update this one page rather than have an ever increasing list at the end of each new entry.

Creature Catalog


Beithir - what is known as the Behir in other games


Desiccated Gelatinous Cube - self explanatory

Dust Devil - the still-animated remains of an eroded clay golem


Effigy - powerful undead spirit, burning with hatred


Fungi Workers - baseline fungal people


Gibbering Mouther - an unsettling creature looking for unity



Black Gem Skeleton - undead elven spellcasters with unfinished anger

Blue Fire Skeleton - guardians with heads of blue flame as explosive thrown attacks

Glow Skeleton - their bones glow a faint blue and cause burns without fire that spreads

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