Friday, September 6, 2019

Shadowrun Archive

This page is an archive, preserving links to the runs/adventures my Monday Night Group played through as well as some cheat sheets I put together to clarify the rules for us.  The links below go to the first session report for each run.  There will be links to the following session notes for each run. I may need to go back in and retroactively add a link at the end of each run, but for now this page should suffice.  Please leave comments on this page.  Thank you.

The Pleiades Group
Mak Attack - The first run of the newly formed Pleiades Group, an association of seven shadowrunners that became a solid and successful team.

News - Background information, not an actual run.

The Pickup - An extraction in support of another team.  Run by me.

The Third Run - The Other GM ran this, so my name for it might be a little too on point.

Monkey Business - Concept borrowed from a Cyberpunk game run by Eric Heisserer.  Run by me.

A Dwarf in Need - Or "How to get paid three times for the same job."  Run by the Other GM.

Everybody Needs Somebody - A series of small runs dealing with the mess caused by another group's failed run.  Run by me.

Clean-up on Aisle Sin - Dealing with consequences of that clean-up.  Run by the Other GM.

Implants - Corporate hostilities start stepping up.  Run by me.

St. Valentines Day Monkey Burger Massacre and Barbeque - The second Monkey Burger run.   Run by me.

Valkyrie Ride - Corporate fallout from Everybody Needs Somebody.  Run by me.

Sam's Run - The first player-sponsored run and a follow-up to A Dwarf in Need.  Introduces our secondary characters.  Run by the Other GM.

Urban Surfin' - Grabbing an Ares prototype weapon in transit.  Run by the Other GM.

Woodchipper - A series of small jobs being spit out all over the Pleiades Group.  Run by me.

Under the Mountain - The group's most ambitions run.  Run by the Other GM.

Butcher's Bill - Doing a favor for the Vory to avoid a mob war.  Run by the Other GM.

Operation Parrot T-Rex - The group's first international run.  Run by one of the players sitting in as a GM.

We ended the campaign here on a high note.  I was beginning to burn out due to Real Life issues - getting laid off twice in two years will do that.  While Real Life got better, we have not returned to the Shadowrun system so far.  Still, what started out as an side game blossomed out into a fun campaign we all enjoyed.

Cheat Sheets

As we played, I had to put together some cheat sheets to get the rules systems straight as the 5th Edition Shadowrun rules were written for conciseness, not clarity.

Initiative Sequence

Physical Combat Sequence

Vehicle Chase Combat Sequence

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