Thursday, September 22, 2022

Shattered Star - Book 3: The Asylum Stone

Landing page for the Session Notes for Book 3 of the adventure path.  The Other GM has modified this book, possibly significantly, so comparisons to the published material may vary.

Session 1 - Retcon of a previous meeting and getting on a boat.

Session 2 - Sailing up the Yondabakari River with stop over at Wartle for side quests

Session 3 - Fighting the lesher and its minions

Session 4 - Fight conclusion, rescue of villagers, return to Wartle

Session 5 - Rest of the river trip, ending with arrival at Sirathu

Session 6 - Up the Storval Rise

Session 7 - Arrival at Kaer Maga and a tour for shopping

Session 8 - Dinner with Abra, continued tour, and first foray to the Spire

Session 9 - Working at and exploring the Spire

Session 10 - The Elf Job explained and a challenge

Session 11An unnecessary fight, then scoping out the Elf Job

Session 12 - Planning the Elf Job and a wrinkle

Session 13 - The Elf Job starts…and then goes sideways

Session 14 - The Elf Job: the Ratpack Escapes

Session 15 - The Elf Job: Conclusion

Session 16 - The Elf Job, Part 2: Talking to the Temple and Acquiring the Prophecy

Session 17 - The Elf Job, Part 2: The Job is done and information is brokered

Session 18 - Hrefna hears things; the Delve begins

Session 19 - Hounds, Kytons, and Lurkers in the Light!

Session 20 - Lurkers and wasps!

Session 21 - Wasps and recovery

Session 22 - Dwarf located and spin-dried

Session 23 - The Fish Trap

Session 24 - Naga and the Hydrodaemons

Session 25 - Damn the Hydrodaemons!

Session 26 - A Day Topside, then the Ratpack finds the Menhir and enters the Dark Forest

Session 27 - Still in the Dark Forest

Session 28 - Failed approach and wyverns

Session 29 -  Into the Black Keep

Session 30 - The fighting continues

Session 31 - Fear takes its toll and the Ratpack holes up

Session 32 - Some interrupted rest, back to the Black Keep, and alien undead!?

Session 33 - Discussions and Roof Wraiths

Session 34 - Loudest Heist Ever

Session 35 - Three Deaths

Session 36 - Mopping Up

Session 37 - Conclusions

This Book is now complete.  We will eventually do Book 4, but I would not expect to see that until sometime in 2024.  Check back with the blog for updates on what we are playing now and when Book 4 becomes immanent.

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