Monday, December 2, 2019

The Aldelle Group - Book 1: Dyson's Delve

This is the first part of the Aldelle Group Campaign and was one of the earliest I documented on this blog.

I didn't have a lot of blog entries at the time, so using the sidebar for navigation was easy and I didn't bother putting links at the end of each post to connect to the next blog entry.  Nor had I worked out a consistent set of labels to tag the blog entries with, making it harder to find all of a campaign.  I might go back and fix that, but not anytime soon due to time constraints.  This archive will have to do for now.

This part of the campaign made use of the excellent Dyson's Delve and evolved after that.  I heartily recommend Dyson's Delve for new DMs and new players.

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Book 1: Dyson's Delve
A disparate group of adventurers team up and start exploring a nearby dungeon.
Session 1
Session 2, Part 1
Session 2, Part 2
Session 3 - In Which the Party Is Named
Session 4 – Super Rat Gets Creeped Out
Session 5 – Manticore!
Session 6, Part 1 - Super Rat Makes Friends
Session 6, Part 2
Session 7 – Deeper Delvings
Session 8 – A Marked Room
Session 9 – Completing Levels
Session 10 – Starting the Hunt for Tim
Session 11 – New Allies
Session 12 and 13 – Tim, A Wizard

Further Reading:
Intermezzo 1
Book 2: The Gate Saga

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