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Southern Reaches Archive

This is an archive page for my Southern Reaches Campaign.  The weekly campaign ran from April 2010 to July of 2011 for a total of 50 sessions using the Pathfinder 1.0 rules shortly after they had been published.

These are some of my earliest blog posts, when I was still very new to blogging, so navigation is non-existent and expect the writing style to evolve.

Session Notes

Campaign Switch: Bugbears for the Southern Reaches - Includes:

  • Session 1: Following the Journal
  • Session 2: Going Under Drop-Off Tower

Return to Under Drop-Off Tower - Session 3

Terrace of the Fallen Horses – First Expedition - Session 4

Return to Under Drop-Off Tower, Second Trip - I think you get the idea.

Return to Under Drop-Off Tower, Third Trip

Under Drop-Off Tower, Fourth Trip; Old Stones; and Fishing for Experience

First Trip to the Cave

Terrace of Fallen Horses

Discoveries at the Terrace of Broken Horses - 10th session

A Road to Drop-Off Tower

On the Road to Santa Fe

Building of the Grass Road

Entering Eastern Edgewood

A Near TPK, the Temple of Chac, and the Underfortress

Building the Terrace Road

Dire Lions are Dire

Metal Home Improvements

Exploring the Edgewood

Crouching Tiger, Hoisted Ballista

SR21: Thunder, Clay, Coins - Finally!  I started numbering the sessions.

SR22: Snow Falls, Morlocks Die

Deeper into the Morlock Hall (But Deep Enough?) - ...and I stopped numbering for a bit.

Tower Upgrades and the Forbidden God

SR25: Betrayal and Insanity

Discovery of the Lake of Fire

A Hot (and Cold) Time in Old Stones

The Shadowed Obelisk – Part 1

SR29: The Shadowed Obelisk – Part 2 - The numbering returns, for good this time.

SR30: The Shadowed Obelisk – Part 3

SR31: The Death of Su Bel

SR32: Adventurers Make Archeologists Cry

SR33: Adventurers Make Schliemann Look Circumspect

SR34: Return to the Lake of Fire

SR35: Ghost Tower Conclusion

SR36: Searching for a Mine of Their Own

SR37: Dragonslay…er, No. Not Really.

SR38: Cheap Crypt ("He's tight!")

SR39: Cave Fishing with Alys

SR40: Ghosts, Terra Cotta Warriors, and a Lightning Elemental

SR41: The Crooked Tower

SR42: Diversionary Fires and Leucrotta

SR43: Showdown at the River

SR44: Hunting Giants

SR45: Through the Rope Trick

     From the Diary of Alys Kaah (SR45)

SR46: Last Tombs on the Terrace

SR47: Alys, the Jagirdar Kaah, Goes to Town

SR48: The Cleansing of the Banshee Copper Mine

SR49: Penultimate Session – Looting the Copper Mine

SR50: Final Session – Fall of the Dragon - final session

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