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Session Report – Sam’s Run – Session 0

[This session happened November 9th.]

The next run is going to be different from previous runs in that one of the main player characters will be the Mr. Johnson for a secondary team of runners.  Therefore, we spent the session building discussing what the run would require and building new characters to cover that.  We also decided each player would build a character different from their primary to keep people out of a gaming rut.  This also provides a chance for players to learn new sections of the rules.

The source of the run is back in run number 5: A Dwarf in Need.  The client (and eventual target), Sam, owned a collection of 65 vehicles, many of which were antiques or merely high-end prestige cars.  Once The Fin saw them, her heart was set on owning several of them.  Not making enough money as a shadowrunner to simply buy them, she decided to take a page from the Mr. Johnson Playbook and hire shadowrunners to steal them for her.  To make the job pay for itself plus show a nice profit, she plans on having runners steal the entire collection, which she will sell off to buyers on the dark net or chop shops in Seattle able to handle the action.

This is not a run she wants the Pleiades Group associated with as it clashes with the group's growing reputation as quality shadowrunners for hire.  If clients even thought that the Pleiades Group might use jobs to scout for potential valuables to steal like common criminals, they would think twice about hiring the Group.  So plausible deniability requires a whole separate crew…

We are still sticking with the Shadowrun 5th Edition Core Rules and none of the additional books for character builds.  We didn’t finish all the characters at the session, particularly names, but this is what we have on tap:

Ash – human male mage/rigger
Ash is a “car shaman” who follows the “spirit of the road”.  He sacrificed two points of Essence/Magic for some alpha-grade augmentations: a Rating 1 Control Rig, a Rating 1 Synaptic Booster, and a Rating 2 Muscle Toner along with a standard Cat’s Eyes bioware upgrade.  He bought back his lost two points of Magic and starts with 5 spells: Silence, Physical Mask, Improved Invisibility, Detect Law Enforcement Badge, and Detect Security System.

Ash is smuggler, running cargoes across the North Plains and the Rocky Mountains in a Rover Model 2072, crossing the borders of the UCAS, the Sioux Nation, the Salish-Shidhe Council, and the Seattle Metroplex.  Ash was raised on the border between the UCAS and the Sioux Nation and speaks both English and Lakota as a native-speaker.  Rumor has it that Ash once served in the military (stories vary on whether it was the UCAS or Sioux military) and received his augmentations before his magic manifested.  His augmentations somewhat interfere with his magic and as a result his astral signature is weaker than normal and fades quickly (Astral Chameleon).  One or the other also seems to have affected his mind and Ash only speaks of himself in the third person.  He also has a Moderate addiction to Long Haul, a side effect of both his profession and his magical calling.  [As the amount of backstory suggests, this is my character.]

Roadrunner – elf female rigger raised by orcs
Roadrunner (known as Tweety to her family only) is a straight up rigger with a serious need for speed, both on the road and in person.

Roadrunner’s parents were killed when she was very young in a spasm of anti-metahuman violence that claimed the lives of a number of metahuman types.  As a result, she was raised by orcs and self-identifies as an orc (Orc Poser negative quality), to the extent she’s had tusks implanted.  She is a rough and tumble person due to her upbringing and her need for speed is rooted here – punch the other person first and they have a painful bloody nose to deal with before they can hit back.  Played by The Fin's player.

Krombopulos "Krom" Michael – orc male physical adept B&E specialist with a thing for elves
Krom (as nearly everyone calls him) specializes in bypassing security systems and will be necessary for reconnaissance and access to the site of the job.  He’s an Elf Poser - don’t know why yet, but he and Roadrunner should get along like cats and dogs.

[His player is still developing Krombopulos's personality and back ground.  Played by Sin’s player]

Limbsaw – human female street samurai
Limbsaw has Japanese/American ancestry.  Her preferred weapons are a monofilament chainsaw and an Ares Alpha.  Street gangs in her neighborhood have a "Limbsaw Identification" knowledge skill so they don't hassle the wrong woman and end up nick-named "Lefty".  She works as a body disposal expert on the side and requires clients supply the plastic drop-cloths.  Played by Void's player.

Seuo-ki – androgynous human swordperson
Seuo-ki is Korean and carries a sword that Seuo-ki is an expert with.  Seuo-ki wanders the mean streets searching for Seuo-ki's next paycheck.

[Seuo-ki is played by Murdoc's player and will develop personality during play.]

Alfonz – human male Decker/Lawyer
Alfonz is either a lawyer who fell into decking or a decker who learned enough about the system to practice law.  Either way, he’s for hire and will help with title transfers and stalling the probate court.

[Full details to be updated once I have them – played by Killroy’s player and GM for the run, which allows us to NPC decking and speed that way up]

The last two PCs are entirely unknown right now as the players couldn’t make the game session and are building their characters between sessions.  I'll post them here once I have information on them.

Session 1 [Not Yet Written]

UPDATE: Added Seuo-ki and updated Limbsaw and Krombopulos Michael.  11/17.

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