Friday, December 13, 2013

Campaign Resumes

So I took November off for a couple reasons.  Primarily, I wanted to spend the month writing Draft 3 of my novel.  What actually happened was that work got crazy busy with the end of a four-year project and after spending 8 hours working on field study documentation everyday, I wasn't really motivated to sit in front of my laptop at home.

I did resume work on my novel.  My steering committee and I reviewed a new storyboard for the first three chapters and talked over the new scenes being added and the ones removed and why.  Mostly this was focusing on seven point of view characters (POV characters) to make the timeline that is Draft 2 into a story as Draft 3.

Talking out the storyboard and explaining what I'm thinking to my steering committee helps set the ideas in my mind and provides feedback on what works and what needs work.  It also helped clarify what the point of each scene was and how it progressed the story.  It also brought back two scenes I was planning on cutting as none of the POV characters were there.  The committee members argued that the scenes were important to show and provided greater impact than if I tried to relate them happening off stage.

We have another storyboard review scheduled this weekend to go through (hopefully) the rest of the chapters.

But first, the Blood, Gold, and Lizards campaign Friday Group meets (on Friday, natch).  I've reviewed my notes of what they were up to, but it remains to be seen if they pick up that thread or go off on a different tangent.  I'm looking forward to finding out.

That's it for now - Later!