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Shadowrun Report – A Dwarf in Need – Session 1

[This session happened on April 20, 2015.  Once again switching to the other GM as he had an idea for a run and I didn’t.  Bookie’s player is wrapping up a semester at college and so should be back by the time we play session 2, so he was ghosted in as an NPC.  Sin’s player was also wrapped up in some classwork and could not attend, but is expected to be available for later sessions, so he was ghosted as well.]

Player Characters

Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

NPC’d Characters

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Tuesday, December 24, 2075
The Fin received an early afternoon call from Svetlana Sabelanskya, her wetwork contact.  Svetlana asked if The Fin could put together a crew for some protection work starting in three days.  The Fin said it was very likely she could, depending on pay and the “fun” factor.  Svetlana indicated the “fun” potential could be quite high.  Svetlana then asked for a list of names and descriptions once The Fin had the team together so the client would know who they would be meeting.  The Fin agreed to supply this information and then started calling the other members of the Pleiades Group.

After contacting the rest of the Group and confirming they were available, The Fin sent Svetlana the list, but explained that only she, The Fin would be physically present.  The rest of the Group would be attending virtually so as to avoid crowding the client (and to avoid having several loose cannons present).  Svetlana arranged the meeting at a posh restaurant with private dining areas.

The Fin met later that afternoon with the client, a dwarf who said she could call him “Sam”.  Sam told her he makes his money by sniffing out other peoples deals and then swooping in to close the deal.  As a result, he doesn’t make many friends and collects the occasional death threat.  He recently received a death threat he is taking serious as it was delivered attached to his butler by a knife in the butler’s back.  Inside Sam’s home.

Sam was fairly certain this was in relation to a recent business deal he sniped.  He didn’t know it at the time, but a branch of the Triad’s were the losers in the deal.  The day after closing the deal the death threat and dead butler appeared, so he was fairly certain who the aggrieved party was.  [NOTE: Sam was pretty relaxed about all this and didn’t seem terribly concerned.  The players found this odd, but perhaps that’s just the kind of person he is.]

The main job was to protect Sam for four days, starting Friday, with an option to extend the contract if Sam wishes to do so.  The Pleiades Group would get paid 70,000¥ on Day 4 and the value of the extension would be something similar.  Sam also offered some additional money for two side jobs.  The first was 35,000¥ to find out what the deal is: is there a bounty on Sam, has a hitman been hired, is a Triad officer trying to save face, or what.  The second side job was another 35,000¥ to “fix the situation”.

The group relayed a series of questions for Sam through The Fin:

  • How soon can we show up?  Now.
  • Who’s protecting Sam now? “some people” – Northbridge Security Group, a private security firm.  Northbridge’s point of contact is Robert Kovacic [pronounced “Ko-va-chik”]
  • Does Northbridge know they are being replaced?  Not yet.
  • Will Sam let them know?  Yes
  • When?  Tonight
  • What time Friday does the job actually start?  11:00am [Sam was initially vague, but the players pressed for a specific time.]

The Fin negotiated with Sam for some up-front money and a half the base pay in escrow until Friday, in case Sam gets killed before 11:00am Friday.  Sam easily agrees to both conditions, immediately providing a credstick with 15,000¥ on it for expenses.  [Some might say “suspiciously easy”.]

After a short side discussion amongst the Group, The Fin accepted the job on behalf of the Pleiades Group.  Sam then delivered data relevant to the job: blueprints to his home, the address of the same, and the relevant information he had on the Triads he thought were after him.  The Fin quickly transmitted this data to Bookie so the rest of the Group could start looking it over.

Sam then asked The Fin if she wanted a tour of his home.  She said she did, so they left the restaurant.  Sam was driven in his own vehicle while The Fin drove hers.  Sam’s place was in a nice part of Bellevue with large grounds, especially in relation to the portion of the house above ground.  The Group, watching through The Fin’s video feed, noticed the following:

  • The property was fenced with metal anti-scaling fencing and the top appeared to be electrified.
  • There was a security gate with a guard, but the guard shack was actually back from the gate, with only a camera and an intercom terminal at the gate itself.
  • The gate was controlled electronically from the guard shack.
  • The property was landscaped with low flower beds and skinny trees with no foliage lower than 6 feet, providing excellent fields of fire from the house.
  • The driveway went from the gate to both the house and a stand-alone garage.
  • The driveway formed an oval in front of the house.
  • The garage appeared to be a standard 6-car garage, but the blueprints showed it connected via a car lift to an underground garage that seems to hold a large car collection.
  • There was no covered connection between the garage and the house above ground (although there was a path).  On the blueprints, the primary connection between the garage and the house appeared to be underground.

The Fin was directed by the gate guard to park in front of the house, which she did.  After a few minutes, Sam opened the door for her and proceeded to show her around the house.  [The GM left his player handouts at home, so we kind of skimmed over this part, knowing we’d have the actual maps in the next session.]  The above ground portion of the house was two floors plus fined attic space, with the servants housed on the second floor and in the finished attic space.  The ground floor was designed for entertaining.

Below ground were three more floors, each with a footprint significantly larger than the above ground floors.  The top floor was the main kitchen and guest rooms, plus a passage to the car collection under the garage.  The middle floor was living and entertainment area, while the bottom floor was all Sam’s bedroom, clothes closets, huge bathroom, a few opulent guest rooms, and his panic room.  According to the blueprints, there were several concealed passages and actual slides allowing access to the panic room from the upper floors.  These passages were sized for dwarves and would be claustrophobic to anyone taller.

According to Sam, he had a household staff of 60 people, half of whom were house security.  Northbridge Security Group also had an average of 20 people on site to increase security.

While The Fin was getting the tour, the rest of the Group went over the data provided and what Sam was sharing.  Prometheus came to be of the opinion that Sam wasn’t hiring the Pleiades Group for security, but to “fix the problem,” but doing so in a way that no one could accuse him of hiring people to attack the Triads.

End of Session

[The Fin got to see the knife and the threat found in the previous butler’s back.  She was able to determine which branch of the Triad’s seemed to be targeting Sam and it was not the branch Sam thought it was.  I didn’t capture this in my notes, but I remember it happening as I started looking to see if it was the same branch the players messed with back in Mak Attack (the Eighty-Eights).  I’ll update this part when I get a chance to confer with the other players.]

[Additionally, there was no game April 27th as the GM and Void's player were at a Jazz Festival.  We had a movie night and watched Big Hero 6 and then played a game of King of New York instead.]

Session 2

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