Thursday, December 17, 2020

End of year wrap up

My dayjob has a two week closure at the end of each year, starting at the end of this week.  As a result, I had tons of last minute stuff I needed to do and take care of this week.  As a result of THAT plus my wife catching a cold (just a cold from the weather change) I had little to no writing time this week.  So I'm skipping this week [which has mostly passed already] and will post next week on the normal days.  

I will also not be posting the week between Christmas and New Years.

We are switching campaigns for a bit, going back to the Ratpack on the Shattered Star AP.  This is sound issues for one of our players needing to be remote until he gets the vaccine (for job-related reasons).  My laptop has a uni-directional microphone, which means he can hear me fine but no one else at the table.  The Other GM has a laptop with an omni-directional microphone that works fairly well, but it means the player can hear him great but has to listen hard and concentrate to hear everyone else, like me, the GM.  We've been using that, but it is not producing a fun experience for the player and he was thinking about dropping from the game as a result.

To put in a temporary fix, The Other GM will run the Ratpack for a bit as the player can easily hear what is going on and the AP has digital maps already which the Other GM uploads to Roll20.  [I make mine up, usually the day before the game (sometimes the day of the game), so I don't always have time to do a digital map as game day is also a work day.]

The player in question will be getting the vaccine early due to his job, so we should switch back in February or March at the latest as the player will then be able to attend the game in person again, solving the sound issue.  Our group stays fairly isolated from others, but not 100% isolated, so this is a best solution.

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