Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Adventures in the Green, Book III: Campaigns

Draft B1.1 of Book III of my RPG, Adventures in the Green, is now available for others to see.  The PDF is available on MediaFire HERE.

Book III has all the Referee advice and the treasure tables.  I didn't do as much expansion on the material as I expected.  Mostly it was reorganize into something more coherent and to the point.  I removed a lot of passive voice.  I think the lack of expansion is because referees need to read widely other blogs and rules systems and assemble that knowledge in their own mind in a way they prefer.  A lot of what I do is compiled from reading how other people do things and picking out the parts that work for me and my game groups.

That is it for the writing phase.  Next up is the play-test phase to spot what I missed by needing it in play.  This phase will take a while as my play-test group only meets once a month, but we play all day [allowing for a dinner break mid-game].

If you give these rules a spin, please let me know what you think.  Feedback from many people is vital to improving what's in the booklets.  I'll be setting up a page that links to all three booklets and list that page in my Downloads section to the right of the blog text.

In the meantime, I will resume posting the session notes from my Monday Night games.  We just finished Book 1 of the Shattered star adventure path in Session 32, so I have like...12 sessions to catch up on ?!

I should never have let it fall that far behind.


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