Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Adventures in the Green, Book II: Conflicts

Draft B1.1 of Book II of my RPG rules is ready for others to see.  The PDF can be down loaded from MediaFire HERE.

Draft B1.1 contains the current version of the combat rules and the catalog of monsters.  I've had one game session using it so far and there are some immediate changes that will appear in Draft C.  These changes are:

  • Move the treasure type table for the monsters from Book III to Book II.  Not having this in the same book as the monsters was a mistake.  The rest of the treasure section (the random tables and the descriptions of the magic items) will remain in Book III as part of the Referee Advice that comprises Book III.
  • The combat to hit tables and the combat sequence need to be copied into an appendix, preferably on facing pages, for quick reference during combat.  Having to page back and forth was inconvenient.
  • I need to specify how long a couple things take.
    • How long to ready a new shield after the previous one was shattered to avoid damage?  I want this to happen but I think I want it to cost an attack.  I think I want the opponent(s) to have at least one chance at attacking the lowered AC from the loss of the shield.
    • How long to switch weapons in combat?  Right now a person could attack with a ranged weapon in Step 2, switch weapons to a melee weapon sometime during Steps 3-7, and then attack in melee in Step 9.

I'm pleased with how the final version of Draft B came out for Book II.  I'm now moving on to Book III, which is mostly Referee advice.  This will require some re-write and expansion, but I plan to have it releasable by the end of July after my next game (scheduled for July 25).

After that is Draft C for all three booklets, where I will finalize rule changes, check consistency across the booklets, and insert the necessary OGL content.  I also want to start inserting artwork.  My initial goal is to use public domain wood-block art for a period feel and aesthetic.

Once THAT'S done, I'll offer them on DriveThruRPG.  I'll have an art-less version for PWYW and a version with art for a reasonable price (which I haven't set yet).  I'll probably hire someone to do page layout in real layout software (I use Word) and I'd like to pay them in real money, not "exposure".  There is money set aside for that, but I'd like to replace that and make some pizza money as well.

That's it for now.  More once Draft B of Book III is ready.  I'm also planning on resuming adventure notes posting in August as I'll be done with the writing on these rules by then.


Adventures in the Green
Book I: Characters

Book III: Campaigns

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Adventures in the Green, Book II: Creatures and Treasures - Wrong Fork

So I got all the way to the end of Draft B of Book II and realized there was a better way to divide the sections between Book II and Book III so that all three books will have roughly the same page-count.  The new divisions will be as follows:

Book II

  1. Combat (possibly including the air and sea combat rules)
  2. Monsters (Descriptions and stats)
Book III

  1. Dungeon Design
  2. Wilderness Design
  3. Referee Advice
  4. Treasure Tables (which is primarily magic item descriptions)
It will take me a couple weeks to move the Treasure section out of Book II and into Book III and move the Combat section the opposite direction, plus I need to heavily edit the Combat section.  This will delay release of Draft B of Book II by a couple weeks, which is unfortunate but necessary.

In the meantime, here is a link to the version of Book II I will not be continuing with.  Sorry for the overall delay.