Monday, December 2, 2019

The Aldelle Group - Main Archive

This page is an archive, preserving links to the campaign my Monday Night Group [originally my Wednesday Night Group, but we switched day of the week at some point for ease of scheduling] played through in a Pathfinder 1.0 campaign.  The DM running the game and several of the players had never played RPGs before, so this was a sort of training campaign.  It made use of the excellent Dyson's Delve as the start of the campaign and evolved after that.  I heartily recommend Dyson's Delve for new DMs and new players.

Book 1: Dyson's Delve
A disparate group of adventurers team up and start exploring a nearby dungeon.

Intermezzo - a transition session between Book 1 and Book 2

Book 2: The Gate Saga
The adventurers are given a quest to save the world.  The session notes become journal entries written by a Harkaitz of the Red Soul, my PC.  This book consists of 5 Parts with session notes for Parts 1 through 4.

Character Backgrounds:

1: Harkaitz of the Red Soul
2: Aziz of the Light
3: Sarisvati The Suntouched

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