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Ratpack – Shattered Star Book 2, Session 22

[Day 48 and 49 – The jig is up and the Ratpack gets the goods.  Peacefully.]

[This game uses the Pathfinder 1E roleplaying game.  Game sessions happen once a week.  This session happened June 7, 2021.]

[SPOILERS!  If you are likely to adventure through the Shattered Star Adventure Path from Paizo, this campaign will be spoilers all the way down.]

Player Characters

Zitch Grimreaper – male ratfolk 6th level Witch with a donkey rat (capybara) familiar

Roscuro – male ratfolk 6th level Monk

Swamprover – female grippli 5th level Wizard

Marativy – female ratfolk 6th level Ninja

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Templeton von Trapp – male ratfolk 6th level Summoner (Synthesist)

Winston – male ratfolk 6th level Gunslinger


Day 48


Zitch and Roscuro talked with the three city guards who showed up at the end of the fight with the half-elf monk [previous session].  Roscuro explained the he and Zitch realized they were being followed and ducked down this alley to hide when the half-elf attacked with no provocation.  Zitch pointed out the remains of the tanglefoot bag the half-elf had thrown.  The guards were clearly inclined to believe the two ratfolk as the half-elf had used magic to flee them.

The guards asked what Roscuro and Zitch were doing now and Roscuro told them that they were looking for a place to purchase some dinner and then go home.  The guards escorted them to a nearby eatery area and then resumed their patrol.  Roscuro and Zitch purchased some street food for 2sp before “wandering away” and heading to Carlyle’s home, which the rest of the Ratpack had under observation.

After Sunset

Marativy brought Zitch and Roscuro up to speed on the observations of Carlyle’s house.  It was quiet now so Marativy went around to the back to break in through the window there.  She oiled the hinges of the shutters and used a wire to lift the catch before silently climbing into the house through the window.

The house was partitioned off into two rooms and Marativy was in the larger of the two rooms, which was a combination living room, dining room, and kitchen area.  Turning invisible, Marativy stealthily walked through the doorway to the second room, which was a sleeping room.  Instead of a lizardfolk sleeping in the bed she found a halfling!

The halfling awoke while Marativy was searching the room and drew a knife.  Marativy, still invisible, stood still while the halfling got up and looked around.  [This provided a +40 to her stealth roll, on top of her already impressive skill bonus.]  In the other room, the halfling noticed that the shutters were open on the back window and closed them, muttering to himself about the wind.  He stuck the knife he was carrying into the shutters to hold them closed and went back to bed.  Once the halfling was asleep again, Marativy exited the bedroom.  In the living room area she located the bag that “Carlyle” had been carrying.  She took it and exited the house through the front window.  Outside she walked over to where Roscuro and Zitch were waiting.

Marativy explained what she found.  The trio were confused about where the lizardfolk had escaped to until they went through the contents of the bag.  Inside were a set of thieves’ tools, some rope, a box of fake gems, and a hat of disguise!  The halfling had been walking around disguised as Seeshaah, leaving a false trail.  Roscuro had Marativy describe the halfling in the house and the description fit the halfling Zitch and Roscuro had confronted for tailing them.  As the halfling could not be in two places at once, this suggested that the halfling back in Ordellia was actually Seeshaah wearing another hat of disguise.

Roscuro had the Ratpack redeploy to keep the halfling from sneaking away.  He removed the hat of disguise and the box of fake gems from the bag, placing them in his handy haversack.  He then took the bag and walked over to the front door of the house, knocking on the door when he got to it.  Marativy was concealed off to his right, under the still open front window.

The halfling opened the door with a surly look on his face that disappeared when he saw Roscuro.  The halfling slammed the door shut without saying a word, locked it, and could then be heard searching for something inside.  Roscuro walked over to the window and held the bag up to be seen.  “Looking for this?” Roscuro called out.  After a moment, Roscuro heard the door being unlocked and the halfling said, “Yes.  Come on in.”

Roscuro went inside the house.  The halfling was actually named Carlyle and he particularly wanted the box of fake gems back.  Roscuro wanted information on Seeshaah so he could collect the debt she owed.  The two negotiated and Carlyle agreed to provide information in exchange for the box.  Roscuro pulled the box out of his haversack, set it on the table, and started asking questions.

Carlyle and Seeshaah were supposed to meet in Lowcleft, disguised as each other.  They would then go to the Naos district and break into a new home, where they would swap the fake gems in the box for real gems in the home.  They would then leave town and sell the real and very valuable gems elsewhere for a significant profit.  Roscuro explained he didn’t care about the heist, but he did need to meet with Seeshaah.  Was there any code they would use to suggest any trouble?  Carlyle explained that they would be wearing a brown coat if it was OK to meet and a black coat if there was bad news.  Carlyle also provided the location of the meeting, a small working persons tavern.

Roscuro thanked Carlyle for the information and promised to give him the box of fake gems the next day, at the meeting.  As Carlyle did not want Roscuro to leave with the gems [having promised not to do so] and Roscuro did not want Carlyle to flee and warn Seeshaah, they all stayed the night in the house.  Roscuro called in Marativy and had her tie up Carlyle on his bed to sleep until the meeting.

During the night, Roscuro examined the box of fake gems and discovered a small hiding spot in the bottom.  Inside compartment were a pair of Earrings of Telepathic Communication.  After Zitch identified them, Roscuro put them away in a belt pouch.  He then closed the secret compartment back up and put the fake gems back in the box.  He had promised Carlyle the box of fake gems, but no one had mentioned any earrings so he was keeping those.

Day 49

Late Morning

The Ratpack went to the location of the meeting.  The Roof Group included Carlyle, being held by Templeton, plus Winston and Zitch.  The Street Group, Roscuro, Marativy, and Swamprover, entered the tavern separately an hour before the meeting was supposed to take place.  Roscuro ordered an early lunch of cheese, fruit, and a hunk of bread.

Shortly after the Ratpack was in place, three halflings came in and had lunch at the bar.  One of them was “Carlyle”.  After they ate, “Carlyle” took a table in the corner with a good view of both exits from the tavern.  The other two halflings stayed at the bar.  Roscuro got up and went to talk with “Carlyle”, waving off Swamprover and Marativy.

Roscuro greeted “Carlyle” as Seeshaah, and when she tried to deny it, he explained that he had Carlyle’s hat of disguise.  This took the wind out of her sails and she admitted to being Seeshaah.  Roscuro explained that he was only here to collect the debt she owed and didn’t care about the job they had lined up for this afternoon.  If she would turn over the wooden case and its contents, which she owned to Gavahn, Roscuro would set Carlyle free and return the box of fake gems.  They would then be free to go about their business.  Seeshaah didn’t want to make the trade, but apparently the gem heist would be very profitable, so she agreed, on condition that the exchange happen out in the alley beside the tavern.  Roscuro agreed.

The actual exchange was tense, but once Templeton flew down with Carlyle unharmed and the box of fake gems was shown, Seeshaah produced the small wooden box with gold leaf decorations and the trade happened.  The Ratpack took their leave, allowing Seeshaah and her accomplices to go perform their heist.  The Ratpack did not open the wooden box.

Just After Noon

The Ratpack returned to the cobbler shop in Dockway.  The clerk there was not expecting the ratfolk, so making contact was a little more awkward this time.  When finally escorted to the back room and the secret passage to the underground meeting room, Roscuro, Marativy, and Swamprover were greeted by someone new.  This person introduced himself as Dolan [head of the information broker gang, who recognized Marativy as once being part of his gang].

Roscuro explained he had the debt Gavahn had asked the Ratpack to collect as the fee to expedite their information request.  Dolan was pleased to see the wooden box with gold leaf decorations.  He in turn produced a gem he said was an Ioun Stone that contained all the information the Wreckwash Blades had on Leruu.  Roscuro was surprised to find an Ioun Stone being used in such a way.  Swamprover mistook his surprise to mean Roscuro did not know what an Ioun Stone was and demonstrated by placing it in orbit around her head.  Her memory was immediately filled with the information on Leruu [which was not as extensive as hoped for].  At this point Dolan explained that the stone was single-use only and now Swamprover had the information.

Dolan suggested that since the Ratpack was no longer welcome at the Outcast [due to the “fight” with security], if they needed to buy information they should come to the cobbler shop and ask about laundry.  Roscuro thanked him and the ratfolk [and grippli] left.

End of Session

Rat Whispers

[The Other GM promised the info dump on Leruu at the beginning of the next session, so it’s not here yet.  Leruu being the person who kidnapped Frederick and relics pertaining to the Runelord of Gluttony.  At this point the Ratpack merely disliked him.  In a couple sessions we will very much hate him and want him dead.  Stay tuned to find out why.]


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