Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Ratpack – Session 29

[Day 20.  Yes, still.  Shard claimed and a Derro and its creation fought.]

[This game uses the Pathfinder 1E roleplaying game.  Game sessions happen once a week.  This session happened June 15, 2020.]

[SPOILERS!  If you are likely to adventure through the Shattered Star Adventure Path from Paizo, this campaign will be spoilers all the way down.]

Player Characters

Marativy – female ratfolk 4th level Ninja

Roscuro – male ratfolk 4th level Monk

Zitch Grimreaper – male ratfolk 4th level Witch with a donkey rat (capybara) familiar

Winston – male ratfolk 4th level Gunslinger

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Templeton von Trapp – male ratfolk 4th level Summoner (Synthesist)


Auto – a clockwork servant fixated on Winston

Day 20, Immediately after last session

The fight against what Zitch later identified as "shriezyx" was tough as the shriezyx had five attacks each, including poison, and they could hit easily.  The spider-like things webbed Marativy as the rest of the Ratpack ran up to join in the fight.  Templeton charged into the fight, landing three hits on the first monster and causing it to start bleeding.  He was attacked and webbed up for his troubles.  Marativy broke free of the webs on her and flanked one of the monsters to good effect [sneak attack!].  Winston fired shot after shot from his musket into the things.  Roscuro?  He missed with his crossbow multiple times and eventually fumbled and fell on his face.  He was hit 3 times while prone, losing most of his hit points.  Marativy got in the killing blow on one of the shriezyx and Templeton the other after a massive critical hit from Winston.  All the ratfolk took damage from the things and needed healing once the fight was over.

After the fight and the healing, the ratfolk looked around the room.  Light was provided by crystals embedded in the ceiling.  There was a seven-pointed altar, and on that altar was a black metallic shard.  Based on what they’d been told, this was the shard of Greed, not the shard of Wrath, which the group had been expecting.  Curious.

After some discussion, the group agreed to have Templeton use mage hand to lift the shard off the altar and place it on a cloth.  The cloth was wrapped around the shard [also using mage hand] to avoid anyone being exposed to the influence of the shard and then placed in Zitch’s handy haversack.

With their primary goal achieved, the Ratpack decided to deal with the derro.  Partially to make Magnimar safer, but mostly so Frederick’s recovery teams would be safe to pull the artwork from the dungeons and the Ratpack could get paid.  The group backtracked to the secret door to the large hall and listened for any derro.  No noise was heard, so the secret door was opened.  Roscuro noticed the side door across the large hall just closing as this door opened.

The group attempted to sneak across the large hall to the northern door, but Auto just stomped its way and Marativy’s attempts to quieten it made more noise [she rolled a 1 and the player running Auto rolled a 4].  Near the door everyone smelled rotting flesh.  An ill omen.  Marativy opened the door and discovered the source of the stench – a carrion golem.  She missed seeing the derro casting sonic blast and was stunned by the spell.  Zitch started retching from the stench of the golem [he failed his Fort save and was nauseated].

Zitch pulled back the stunned Marativy.  Roscuro failed to acrobatically get by the golem, got clipped by it, but successfully landed a stunning fist attack on the derro!  For his troubles, the golem walked over and hit Roscuro again, leaving Roscuro barely standing [down to 2 hit points!].  Templeton cast haste on most of the group [Roscuro and Zitch were too far away from the others].  Winston and Auto advanced and attacked.

Roscuro, feeling his ki, used ki defense and ki flurry, bloodying the derro with multiple hits.  The golem attacked Roscuro twice, but missed due to Roscuro’s ki defense [ki point well spent!].  Temple ton stepped up and attacked as well.  The derro, shrugging off the stun effect, stepped back and cast darkness.  It was not very effective against the ratfolk and their darkvision.  Marativy rolled across the floor to grab her wakizashi and attacked the golem, barely scratching it [poor damage roll].  Winston and Auto concentrated all of their attacks on the golem, wearing it down.

Roscuro stepped up to the derro, performing a flurry of blows but only hitting with one.  The golem attempted to attack Roscuro again and missed with both attacks thanks to a protective luck hex Zitch had just placed on Roscuro.  Templeton stepped to the derro and bit and killed it.  His claw attacks went to the golem, which he finished shredding, the parts falling to noisome piles of carrion.

After the fight, Zitch used 3 charges from the healing wand on Roscuro to get him healed most of the way back up to full health.  The room and some closets were searched and looted of some quality surgical tools and a hand crossbow with some bolts.

With everyone injured to some extent and healing resources running low, the Ratpack decided it was time to return to the surface – the rest of the derro could wait.  The ratfolk took the northern passageway out of the large hall.  There were two side passages on the way north.  The first went west to unexplored areas.  Immediately after that side passage was one to the east that linked back up with the water nexus Lockerbie told the group about.  Continuing north, the Ratpack arrived at the “big water room” as Lockerbie called it – it was the room top the south of the initial sewer junction room on this sub-level.

As the group walked along the first part of the raised walkway, the walkway collapsed, dropping everyone into the sewer water.  There was also a layer of invisible poisonous gas on the water but below the walkway level.  Marativy scrambled back up onto the walkway and dropped down a rope to help everyone else back up.  Zitch and Winston were coughing from the poison gas, but no one was dying.  The group resumed walking and eventually made it back to the Common room up on the first floor of The Crow.  Resting was in order.

End of Session

Rat Whispers

[Technically the quest is complete at this point, but the ratfolk feel it necessary to go back down and take care of the derro.  Plus, there might be more treasure to collect.]

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