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Ratpack – Session 25

[Day 16 ends and Templeton comes down with Devil Chills, pausing exploration 3 days until he recovers.]

[This game uses the Pathfinder 1E roleplaying game.  Game sessions happen once a week.  This session happened May 11, 2020.]

[SPOILERS!  If you are likely to adventure through the Shattered Star Adventure Path from Paizo, this campaign will be spoilers all the way down.]

Player Characters

Marativy – female ratfolk 4th level Ninja

Roscuro – male ratfolk 4th level Monk

Zitch Grimreaper – male 4th level Witch with a donkey rat (capybara) familiar

Winston – male ratfolk 4th level Gunslinger

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Templeton von Trapp – male ratfolk 4th level Summoner (Synthesist)


Auto – a clockwork servant fixated on Winston

Day 16, Night

The Ratfolk rested in a side room from the Common Room of the Tower Girl lair.  [Marativy and Winston leveled.]

Day 17

Templeton came down with Devil Chills [and took 3 Strength Damage from the disease].  Feeling weak and sick, he told the rest of the Ratpack he would stay and rest.  Zitch cast lesser restoration on Templeton, restoring his strength, but not removing the disease.  Winston volunteered to stay at The Crow with Templeton while the rest of the group went into town to buy supplies and sell off the tapestries.  Winston provided a shopping list of things he needed to make more ammunition for his musket.

Marativy, Zitch, and Roscuro took the tapestries to Frederick’s warehouse location and dropped them off there.  The trio then spent the day purchasing a large amount of trail rations [two weeks of rations for five people].  They also picked up supplies for Winston so Winston could manufacture 15 silver bullets, 11 alchemical cartridges, 4 cold iron bullets, and 30 shots of black powder.

The trio stopped at the bank and deposited 4800 gold coins in assorted coinage in the Ratpack’s account.  This relieved two burdens, one of weight and one of walking around Magnimar with that much coinage.

As the trio returned to The Crow with the team’s supplies, the last of the Tower Girls removed the last of their gang’s belongings, making The Crow officially the Ratpack’s lair.  To improve security now that they were the only ones in pillar, the trio closed the various secret doors in the above ground floors.  More will need to be done if the Ratpack stays much longer, but for now this would do.

Day 18

Templeton started recovering from the Devil Chills, but still suffered.  The group decided to delay exploring further and wait for Templeton to finish recovering.

Zitch spent the day learning two new spells from the “magic knowledge” book Suzerain had left.  Zitch picked up detect secret door and symbol of mirroring.  Winston spent the day making more black powder and specialty bullets.  Marativy went to the several pieces of wall art inside The Crow and made sketches of them in her journal so the Ratpack could show them to Frederick at a later time.  Roscuro, tired of not effecting devils with his attacks, went back into town and purchased a silvered, masterwork set of brass knuckles [from a vendor suggested by Marativy].  They were pricey, but would allow Roscuro’s attack to damage the things the group was now encountering.

Day 19

Templeton’s chills started abating completely and he spent the day recovering from the disease.

Roscuro and Winston went back into Magnimar to get paid for the tapestries by Frederick [and they did].  They also scouted out Magnimar for areas they could advertise for a wizard hireling.  While Zitch and Templeton were effective in their own ways, Roscuro was convinced the group needed to hire an actual wizard.  [This will be a recurring theme.]

Day 20

With Templeton fully recovered from his illness, the Ratpack once again descended in to The Crow’s sub-levels.  The group paused on Sub-level 2 to fill their waterskins from the healing water basin before continuing down to Sub-level 3.

From the octagon room on Sub-level 3, the group went south and descended the stairs behind the southern door.  At the bottom of the stairs they turned east, stopping at the room with two enormous pillars.  The entire group took turns touching the pillar showing “the one”, but only Winston received the bless effect.  Apparently, it only gave out the enchantment once to each person.

As their goal was to investigate the passages south of the long lab room, the ratfolk went east and then south to the fireball trap room.  Templeton summoned a cat and sent it across the room, where it triggered the fireball trap and vanished.  The ratfolk scurried across the room afterward before the trap could reset.  [NOTE: I do not personally advocate using cats as trap bait, but ratfolk have other feelings on the subject.]

In the long lab room, several members of the group realized that the bridge in the mural was clearly the Irespan, suggesting the mural showed the other end of the Irespan, somewhere far to the northwest.  Also, the mural showed some form of dungeon under the mountain, which the group also decided they should make a sketch of before finally leaving this place.  Just, not now.

After opening the southern door, the group cautiously advanced to the first intersection and looked both east and west.  The passages both angled slightly south of true east.  The passage west seemed to go into some sort of natural stone area.  The passage east ended at a door.  The group went east.  The door had a sign in Thassilonian that Marativy could read.  It read, “Experiment in Progress.”  What experiment could still be running after 7000 years?

Marativy picked the lock and opened the door.  The group saw a corridor that arced like the outer ring of a circular maze.  The walls, floors, and ceilings were covered with metallic plates with some form of conjuration runes inscribed on them.  This was promising, as the room Marativy saw when holding onto her shard and focusing on the next shard's location was circular.  Maybe it was at the center of the maze?

To try and determine what the metal plates did, Winston threw a piece of stone into the passage.  It noisily bounced of the metal plates on the floor…and then the ratfolk heard a howl and the sound of a creature running towards them!  The howl was that of a hellhound and the door was quickly pulled shut.  Marativy was able to relock the door just as the hellhound slammed into it from the other side.  [The players have had bad experiences with hellhounds in the past.]

The group retreated back to the intersection.  Not inclined to explore a more cave-like area, the ratfolk went south to the door and passage corner.  The corner the passage took was only 10 feet and there was a door on the south wall where the passage ended.  Using the old “left-hand rule” standby, the group decided to explore the eastern door first.  The door was unlocked, with a 20-foot square room beyond it.  There was another door in the far corner of this room with a sign.  This sign read “Do not leave the cages open.”

After a short debate, the door was opened.  The room beyond extended to the southeast.  It had several wooden lab tables with cages on them.  Some of the cages were ruined and five fleshy semi-creatures turned to face the party: failed sinspawn!

End of Session

Rat Whispers

[Most of this session was the shopping, selling off of loot, and Templeton dealing with the disease he picked up fighting some of the creatures the previous session.  Most of the PCs had to make saves – he was the only one who failed the roll and contracted the disease.  I was pleased that Roscuro made his save this time.]

[We’ve played Session 18 of the Delvers Guild campaign at this point and I’ve typed up the session notes.  I’ve hemmed and hawed about when to post the Delvers Guild material and I’ve decided to wait until I’ve posted all the Ratpack material first.  I will keep up with posting the Ratpack stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I have 7 more sessions after this one, so the Delvers Guild will start posting September 22 by my count.  I’ll keep posting two sessions a week until I’m down to a buffer of two session.  At that point I’ll go back to posting session notes once a week.  That should be in early October.  I want to keep the buffer as November and December are normally rough on the gaming schedule with a couple missed games being the norm.  With the pandemic going on, who knows how things will play out, so having a buffer seems wise.]

[One last thing: Day 20 lasts seemingly forever – 6 sessions total including this one.  Be warned.]


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