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Ratpack – Session 30

[Day 20 finally ends and we move on to Days 21 and 22.  Dealings back in town.]

[This game uses the Pathfinder 1E roleplaying game.  Game sessions happen once a week.  This session happened July 6, 2020.]

[SPOILERS!  If you are likely to adventure through the Shattered Star Adventure Path from Paizo, this campaign will be spoilers all the way down.]

Player Characters

Marativy – female ratfolk 4th level Ninja

Roscuro – male ratfolk 4th level Monk

Zitch Grimreaper – male ratfolk 4th level Witch with a donkey rat (capybara) familiar

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Templeton von Trapp – male ratfolk 4th level Summoner (Synthesist)

Winston – male ratfolk 4th level Gunslinger


Auto – a clockwork servant fixated on Winston

Day 20, Evening

The Ratpack rested in the Common rooms of The Crow, now the sole inhabitants [at least of the above ground levels].

Day 21

Zitch cast cure light wounds on Roscuro in the morning, healing Roscuro back to full health.

The group decided to go in to Magnimar to get the discovered shard made safe at the Pathfinder Society lodge.  They also decided to go down to Sub-level 2 and refill their water skins from the healing basin.  Roscuro also wanted to burn out the spider webs on that level and let the place air out while the Ratpack was in town.  After descending to Sub-level 2 and refilling their water skins, the group paused on the way back up.  Roscuro threw a vial of oil down the webbed hallway and followed that with a lit torch.  The group then ascended to the surface without looking back.

After walking through all the above ground levels to get back to the water inlet of The Crow, the ratfolk [plus Auto] piled into the rented boat, the only boat left tied up in the inlet.  While rowing back to Magnimar’s docks, they paused out on the bay so Templeton could go diving to the wreck of the Liza Jane and retrieve the sea chest discovered there a couple days earlier.  Zitch cast his ward on Templeton before Templeton dove into the bay waters.

Templeton had no problem getting back down to the wreck and recovering the sea chest, but he was attacked by two creatures on his way back to the surface.  After a successful hit on Templeton, the ward dropped, alerting Zitch to the fact that Templeton was being attacked.  While Templeton fought his attackers below the surface, the rest of the ratfolk tied together two of their ropes with a ranseur [for weight] on one end to lower down to Templeton so they could haul him back to the surface.  By the time the rescue rope was ready, Templeton resurfaced on his own with the sea chest.  Templeton described his attackers as he was helped back onto the boat.  Marativy and Zitch recognized the described creatures as reefclaws [think moray eels with lobster claws], known hazards of the bay waters.

While Templeton caught his breath, Marativy picked the lock on the sea chest.  Inside was a pearl brooch, a magical buckler shield, and a masterwork mithril rapier.  A good haul and, as it had not been brought up through The Crow, the profit did not have to be shared with the Tower Girls.  A win for Team Ratpack!

By the time the boat was rowed to the docks and the ratfolk climbed ashore, Zitch was starting to show the signs of bearing the Greed Shard.  Roscuro, playing to Zitch's elevated greed,  convinced Zitch that the group would get money and wealth by reporting in to the Pathfinders.  Once at the lodge, the Ratpack met with Shelia Heidmarch, venture-captain of the local Pathfinder lodge and quickly explained the situation.  Sheila went and retrieved the necessary Ioun Stone to neutralize the curse on the shard.  After some discussion, the ratfolk gave the Greed Shard to Templeton.

Templeton held the shard and focused on the next shard.  He received a vision of some impressive ruins of Thassilonian origin.  Describing his vision to the group, Marativy was able to identify the ruins as the Lady’s Light, located southwest of Magnimar at the edge of the land.  The ratfolk talked with Sheila and arranged for what little support the Pathfinder Society could provide before leaving the lodge.  [Roscuro was particularly underwhelmed.]

After leaving the lodge, the group went to Frederick’s shop to sell off more of the materials found in The Crow.  Frederick was not at his shop, but his assistant told the group Frederick was at the warehouse.  The ratfolk thanked the assistant and walked over to the warehouse.

At the warehouse, the Ratpack asked the workers for Frederick and were eventually directed to the “processing room”, where Frederick evaluated goods he had purchased.  This was a separate room inside the warehouse and the door was closed.  Roscuro politely knocked at the door.  Marativy heard some shuffling inside but no reply to Roscuro’s knock.  Roscuro opened the door, calling out, “Hello?”  The ratfolk heard a spell being cast and the sound of a flash.  They cautiously entered the room.  No one was there.  Zitch cast detect magic and found the residue of a teleportation spell.

The Ratpack immediately alerted the warehouse guards that Frederick had been kidnapped.  The warehouse guards alerted the town guards, at which point the Ratpack departed.  [Two members of the Ratpack have issues with the town guard.]

The Ratpack spent the rest of the day in Magnimar doing various things.  Winston made more bullets.  Templeton tracked down Lockerbie’s widow and gave her the locket from Lockerbie without explanation.  She was pleased to get the locket and thanked Templeton for getting it to her.  Afterward, he went looking for a silvering agent for his eidolon’s claws but was not successful.  Roscuro purchased some alchemical fire and more oil to replenish his supplies.

All the Ratpack slept in their own beds that night.

Day 22

In the morning, the Ratpack assembled at the Blue Rodent for breakfast and then went to the docks to get their rented boat.  They rowed back to The Crow, the northern-most of the surviving Irespan supports, and pulled in to the concealed inlet.  They hiked their way through the above surface levels to get to the Common Rooms area [carefully closing secret doors behind them], then started working their way through the sub-levels, stopping at Sub-level 2 to pick up fresh healing water.

Once they were back down to Sub-level 4, they stopped off to tell Lockerbie that they had delivered the locket to his widow and that she was pleased to receive it.  As thanks, Lockerbie offered to help the ratfolk fight the derro…as long as he got to keep the bodies.  The Ratfolk found this equitable.

The ratfolk, Auto, and Lockerbie made their way to the large hall, now referred to as the Derro Hall.  After 60 feet from the balcony the Derro Hall turned southwest and went another 60 feet.  This part had a door on the northwestern wall and a door on the southwestern wall.  [Diagonal mapping is the worst, especially when your combat system assumes a non-diagonal grid.]  There was also a set of stairs down adjacent to the northwestern wall, right near the bend in the hall [previously mentioned and still an issue waiting to happen].

The group picked the door on the northwestern wall to investigate first, hoping to find another derro lab.  Beyond the door was a hallway that led to a combination bedroom and torture room.  There was a chest by the bed and the torture instruments still had wet blood on them.  Another passage exited the room, heading west.  With no derro here, the group pressed west.

This passage led to a half-circle of prison cells.  The ratfolk carefully searched the cells and found Fenster the Blight near to death in one of the cells.  [Fenster was the last landlord of the Tower Girls in Magnimar and traded information about Natalia’s current location with the Ratpack for unique pieces of junk in Session 8.]  The Ratpack freed Fenster and healed him.

Having reached a dead end, the group backtracked to the bedroom/torture chamber and proceeded to loot it.  The Ratpack offered to take the ornate bed for Fenster after noticing him looking longingly at it.  He accepted as it was much better than the pile of rags he normally slept on.

The chest by the bed contained 25 vials of “fluids and stuff”.  Zitch cast detect magic and two were potions [later identified as an elixir of love (a creepy thing for the derro to have) and an elixir of truth].  Winston and Marativy went through the rest and identified vials of Id Moss (3), Striped Toadstool (2), Flayleaf (10), and Pesh (8), all mind-effecting drugs.  They went into the loot bag for later sale or trade [or maybe just burning].

Winston had Auto pick up the ornate bed and the group returned back to Derro Hall.  They went over to the door on the southwestern wall.  Behind it was a passage that ran northwest, parallel to the hall’s southwestern wall, before turning left.  Zitch cast his ward on Marativy and she snuck forward.  The passage turned another corner before coming to a T intersection.  Both side passages led to a room with a derro in it.  One of the derros noticed Marativy and yelled out “Intruder!”

End of Session

Rat Whispers

[We didn’t play the two weeks before this session.  I don’t remember exactly why anymore, but at least one of them was probably me being exhausted after a solid week of social events every evening and needing a quiet evening.  The other was likely the GM doing summer school stuff for his college courses (he went back to college after being a manager in retail for a while).]


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