Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working on Edits

No post today (other than this one, of course).  I'm performing some edits on a series of posts from Bat in the Attic on creating a fantasy sandbox.  I've been delaying it as I was waiting to see if he would finish the series, but that does not seem likely for a while, so time for me to get it done.  This is voluntary for me and a gift to him.  The series is well thought out, I'm just polishing it for him.

The other thing I'm doing right now is putting together the parts for a minis campaign.  I'm looking at the Paizo Kingmaker AP for the domain management rules (although I might jettison it if Hill Cantons: Borderlands gets released), rules gleaned from Tony Bath's Ancient Wargaming, and a set of miniatures rules that still need to be determined.  More on that project later.

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