Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fragments – Session 1 – Part 2: Guruphon Station

Session 1 happened Friday, August 19, 2011.

This campaign uses the Hero System, 5th Edition, with much Traveller material grafted on.  I am making use of the Hero Traveller books published by ComStar Games.  Sadly, these books went out of print when Mongoose Publishing purchased the rights to produce all things Traveller.  They are doing good things, so no hate mail.

The Company:
Maxwell Sloan (male human, communications and sensors specialist)
Cyrano Steel (male Lante, computer systems specialist)
Oscar Dougray (male human, salvage expert)
Ro Owen (female human, team security expert)
Nomen Fire-eyes male human hybrid, negotiator)
Braddock Grar, Lector (male Low Waldi, archivist)

The Crew:
Echo Salazar (female human, ship’s captain)
Ted Yahn (male human, ship’s navigator)
Albertha Trufin (female human, ship’s engineer)
Quinton Picknell, Doctor (male human, ship’s doctor)

Maresfield Trade Representative
Deadra Pagenkopf (female human, governmental trade liaison)

Ro quickly realized that the ceiling-mounted weapon was inert and not a threat to the away team.  While the rest of the team investigated the area, Ro checked out the ceiling-mounted weapon.  She found it to be a lightly modified automatic slugthrower with an empty ammunition hopper.  She immediately pulled out a small tool kit and started removing the weapon from the mounting.

Max investigated the desiccated body.  Based on the condition of the body, he estimated the person was shot dead by the ceiling-mounted weapon before the atmosphere was removed and before the artificial gravity was turned off.  Cyrano checked out the spray patterns of the bullets to try and determine if the weapon was randomly spraying or targeted the dead person.  Based on what he could see, the weapon was not randomly firing and at one point it seemed to have been targeting someone in armor of some sort.

After learning all they could at the gate area, the team made their way down the main concourse, towards the center of the station.  They found scattered evidence that fighting happened all along the concourse, including burned kiosks, damaged ceiling-mounted weapons, and surveillance cameras that had been shot out.

At the hub, the team found the remains of dead station personnel.  They also located a map display of the station, but it had no power.  The team scavenged the area for personal electronic devices and Oscar rigged the batteries they found together to get enough juice to activate the map display for about a half a minute.  This was long enough for Grar and Oscar to memorize the map.  [Both characters have eidetic memory.]

Rather than explore the other concourses, the team headed deeper into the station and entered the large, open customs area.  Here they found evidence of a major firefight.  Behind some improvised barricades, the team finds the remains of off duty marines.  [They were in civilian clothes, but wearing dogtags.]  Ro secured the weapons the marines were using while Grar removed their dogtags.

A partially obscured door in one corner seemed to lead to the security offices, an area the team wanted to explore.  Not having an access badge, Ro and Cyrano worked at bypassing the locking mechanism.  When they removed the plate, they recognized a silent alarm being triggered – station security still had some power!  [And the players totally blew their Security Systems roll.]

The room beyond the door was a reception area of some sort.  The only light active in the small room was on a security camera pointed on the door.  The team entered the room and looked around, finding the body of a security guard behind the station desk.  Ro was convinced to shoot out the security camera, as it was creeping out other members of the team.

Max decided at this point to go back into the customs area and sketch out some unit patches the team had found on the clothing of the marines.  This put him in the perfect spot to observe an active wheeled security bot move into the area and target him.  Trying to hide behind the barricades the marines had put up, Max learned why the marines had died here – the bullets from the security bot easily punctured the barricades, wounding Max in the thigh and foot.

The sound of the light machinegun firing alerted the rest of the team, who moved out, using what cover they could (mostly the desiccated remains of some large potted plants).  The team cut the bot into pieces with their laser carbines (well Ro’s and Cyrano’s laser carbines) and then checked on Max.  Max was seriously wounded and his vacc suit was punctured and leaking air.  A few emergency patches sealed the suit, but not Max’s wounds.  Ro and Nomen started hauling Max back to the Iron Pig, where there was atmosphere and they could do proper first aid.  Along the way, they noticed lights activating on the few undamaged video cameras along the concourse.  Ro fixed that problem with her laser carbine, and warned the rest of the team via commlink.

Back in the customs area, Grar and Cyrano decided to push into the security area while Oscar held the customs area and their line of retreat.  Through another door in the security checkpoint, they found a cubicle farm.  The lights were out, but they could see two active security cameras.  Grar had Cyrano shoot out the cameras so he (Grar) could search the area unobserved.  Shortly thereafter, two wheeled security bots showed up in the cube farm area.  One parked to cover the exits leading deeper into station while the other moved around the outside edge of the cube farm.  Grar took cover in a cube and hid.  Cyrano closed the door between the cube farm and the entry area and then retreated back into the customs area with Oscar.

The mobile security bot finished a circuit of the cube farm and then exited through the entry area, heading to the customs area.  Cyrano and Oscar fired on the bot, with Cyrano damaging it heavily.  The bot immediately retreated back into the cube farm area.  Grar was able to sneak past it while Oscar took the time to shoot out the now active cameras in the customs area.

The three company men decided a retreat was now in order and headed back to the Iron Pig.  There they found Ro and Nomen just finishing patching up Max’s gunshot wounds.  Max obviously needed better treatment from Dr. Picknell back on the Just Lucky, so Oscar flew the team back to the ship.

*End of Session 1, Part Two*

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