Friday, September 16, 2011

Early Draft of Pathfinder Kingdom Sheet

The Fragments game fell through tonight due to extreme player non-availability, so I've spent some time updating my Pathfinder Kingdom Sheet spreadsheet.

I deleted back down to Kingdom Start, Turn 1, and Turn 2 and upgraded the number of links and data entry blanks to cover all the things I think it needs.  I have drop down menus for some things that could be easily done (kingdom alignment, possible outcomes of the Upkeep Phase) and had direct effects upon Kingdom Attributes.  I also put in a bunch of comments to explain either what goes in the associated blank or what the options are (for example, the costs for Road Construction based on what kind of terrain is involved).

I haven't done the coding for what happens when the various Leadership Roles are vacant.  I can work out the flat modifiers, but I'm not certain how to do incremental modifiers yet - that'll take some thinking.  I also need to generate a list of Kingdom Events and their modifiers, but that looks like it will take some doing, so maybe next version.  I also need to find a way to include the information on the Improvements per Month Chart that is elegant.  Worst case scenario I just copy it in for the user's reference.  Maybe a display of some sort based on Kingdom Size.

Eventually I want to put in a list of buildings, their costs, and the modifiers they provide.  A city builder would probably need some Flash programming and that is beyond my skills at this point, but I'd love to have one.

The current version (version 2) is now a link over on the right side of my blog.  I used Excel 2010 to create this, so it is currently a .xlsx file.  Please let me know if this causes any issues and I'll re-save it as a .xls file.  I can no longer test it on Excel 2003 as none of the machines I have access to have it anymore.


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