Monday, August 1, 2011

Pre-Crash Player Knowledge 1

Here are the first five worlds in the Adab subsector and what little is known about them Pre-Crash.

System Name: Juxter (Adab-0000)
UWP: B869xxx-x
Juxter is an agricultural world, producing foodstuffs for many nearby worlds. A large quantity of bulk cargo carriers travel to and from Juxter, requiring a large spaceport and extensive cargo-handling facilities. The local government is a representative democracy, but the major agricorps seem to have a great deal of influence in planetary policy.

Major Agricorps:
Hoffman Open Agricultural Industrial

System Name: Froin (Adab 0003)
UWP: C664xxx-x
Froin is home to the Froin Mines, source of the metal caroli, a natural gravitic compressor and critical for the starship construction. At 9600 km in diameter, Froin is smaller than any other world providing a full g due to the extensive caroli deposits. This causes some unusual gravitic effects - the Hanging Hotels are a series of structures built perpendicularly out of a cliff face and are popular with tourists.

Froin is mostly a company planet, owned and operated by Froin Industrial Horizons, but the benefits of working for the company are extensive. Families of mine workers are maintained in very comfortable domiciles in Froin city and their children are provided a first rate education.

System Name: Gdansk (Adab-0004)
UWP: A452xxx-x
Gdansk is home to extensive shipyards and is responsible for 38% of all starship construction in the sector, 56% if only heavy cargo haulers are considered. The Gdansk system is a trinary star system with no Terran-class worlds, but extensive asteroid systems and minable rocky planets. Gdansk itself is actaully a binary world - two planets, each 6400 km in diameter, in orbit around a common center, orbiting and orange star (the second component star of the trinary) at a distance of 9 light-minutes. Gdansk is home to the system government and the headquarters of the seven major ship manufacturers operating in the system.

System Name: New Beirut (Adab-0005)
UWP: C7F9xxx-x
New Beirut was founded to be home for investment groups and exotic resorts. Instead of being established on a terrestrial world, a group of floating cities was built, suspended in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant. The gas giant provides the necessary fuel for the mechanisms that keep the cities afloat and local automated refining facilities provide fuel for starports without local gas giants in several nearby systems. The tourism industry promotes the facilities on New Beirut as being the best of the best, with cutting edge techonolgy used wherever possible. The start attractions are the floating casinos, some of the most luxurious in the entire sector.

System Name: Talachak (Adab-0006)
UWP: C867xxx-x
Talachak is one of the oldest settled systems in the subsector and is considered the defacto capital of the subsector, even if Adab officially holds that title. Talachak is a pleasant world to live and work on and has a very diversified economy, being strong in many industries. The extensive cities are easy to see from orbit on all six major continents and most of the sub-continental landmasses.

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