Friday, August 12, 2011

Pre-Crash Player Knowledge 6

[EDIT: For some reason this did not get posted last Friday.  Bother.  Here it is now.]

System Name: Guruphon (Adab-0606)
UWP: C667xxx-x

Guruphon is a small mining outpost of "red gold," a rare earth used in the construction of very advanced electronics. The majority of the purified material is sold to manufacturers of starships or starship components in the Maresfield and Gdansk systems. There was no native biosphere on Guruphon, but only minimal terraforming was necessary to make the world comfortably habitable.

System Name: Cinchre (Adab-0703)
UWP: C986xxx-x
Cinechre is a burning world with an abundance of metals and rare minerals. A thriving mining colony is growing here, harvesting the great mineral wealth of this world. Due to the thick, opaque atmosphere, most operations are heavily automated and the miners tend to keep to the protected structures of the colony.

System Name: Kamaran (Adab-0706)
UWP: D763xxx-x
Kamaran is home to a small Naval base and a moderate civilian populace involved in mining, pharmaceuticals, and drilling for petrochemicals. While much of the materials generated here are shipped off to other worlds, Kamaran has a thriving manufacturing sector that provides parts resupply for the naval base.

Most agriculture here is hydroponic in nature due to the low hydrography percentage of the primary world and it is clustered around the few seas on the planet. The majority of the planet is badlands and dry environments given over to the native lifeforms. While there is little in the way of big game on Kamaran, hunting is still a popular pastime with both the naval and civilian populations.

[And that wraps up the Pre-Crash info on systems in the Adab subsector. I've been giving some thought as to how to present updated, post-Crash material. Single posts per world? A series of Post-Crash Player Knowledge entries? The goal is to make it least confusing for folks reading here.]

[As an update, after two character creation sessions all the characters are at least 95% complete and named. The PCs company has been named (Phoenix Salvage), they have selected a ship from those available (a mobile gambling house based on the Laboratory Ship from Traveller), and a name has been selected for the ship (Just Lucky). Next Friday (August 19th) will be the first real game session, which is part of a cycle of playing every other Friday (due to vacations and events at the house) until September 15th, when we will resume weekly games.]

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