Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pre-Crash Player Knowledge 3

System Name: Krakatoa (Adab-0207)
(To Be Written)

System Name: Wardn (Adab-0303)
UWP: X887xxx-x
Wardn is home to an ongoing terraforming experiment and is to be considered a quarantined world.

System Name: Niamey (Adab-0306)
UWP: C867xxx-x
Niamey is an agricultural world with a populace that shows a strong independent streak.  Numerous foodstuffs are exported from Niamey to adjacent systems.  Niamey has a strong brewing and distilling industry and exports several award winning beverages.  Finally, Niamey textiles are recognized across the sector and several specialty textiles are used in the Maresfield shipbuilding industry.

System Name: Zodisoft (Adab-0308)
UWP: A863xxx-x
Zodisoft is home to a thriving software development industry.  Additionally, advanced computer components and electronics are manufactured using the particularly pure crystalline minerals found on the planet.
WARNING: This world is now under quarantine.  Do not approach this world or accept transmissions from it.

System Name: Caraturth (Adab-0406)
UWP: E755xxx-x
The monks of The Order of the Sacre Illuminae on Caraturth maintain a shrine that is extremely significant to their faith.  Their settlements are clustered together around the site and are sealed off to maintain a breathable atmosphere as the world has an invasive and toxic atmosphere.  They live a pastoral and mostly self-sufficient life, with a small tourist industry of the devoted wishing to worship at the shrine.

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