Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pre-Crash Player Knowledge 2

System Name: Adab (Adab-0100)
UWP: C878xxx-x
Adab is the first system explored and colonized in the subsector and is now the official capital of the subsector. There is a strong rivalry between it and New Beirut. New Beirut is a more attractive world, but Adab has history and the weight of a massive populace and industrial base. Adab produces machine parts and advanced electronics. Adab is also home to the largest naval base in the subsector, Port (NAME).

Adab's atmosphere is high enough in ozone to require a filter for extensive work outdoors, particularly in areas near major industrial complexes. Additionally, due to the relatively low amount of land and warm temperatures, tropical cyclones can reach impressive sizes. Travellers are advised to check local weather conditions at the Downport before landing.

System Name: Rapp's World (Adab-0101)
UWP: C968xxx-x
(To Be Written)

System Name: Olympia (Adab-0102)
UWP: C867xxx-x
(To Be Written)

System Name: Zendryc (Adab-0106)
UWP: C868xxx-x
Zendryc is a lush jungle world with a minimal axial tilt. The primary population is a human-like alien race known as the Acojah. Their culture is misandric, with males limited to labor intensive roles while the females take leadership and scholarly roles. The government is extremely security conscious and maintains a high police presence. Those leaving the starport are strongly recommended to only do so when granted the necessary permits and travel papers.

System Name: *New Reykjavik* (Adab-0200)
UWP: B896xxx-x
New Reykjavik is a cold world and home to a hardy people who value their independance. A variety of industries that would not be at home on more tightly regulated worlds thrive here and there are numerous labs and experimental facilities on this world. New Reykjavik supports a robust high technology infrastructure, including some of the best private universities in the sector.

[You'll notice that not all of the Pre-Crash world descriptions are written yet. This is because I've been concentrating on what the worlds look like now and then going back and writing the Pre-Crash descriptions. For the Pre-Crash material, I've concentrated on the systems closest to Maresfield (Adab-0605), the player starting world and then the "low hanging fruit" systems, systems that are important to know about early on so the PCs can plan exploration routes. I will come back and update these entries on the blog as I get them done in the wiki I'm using to keep track of all this.

Some of you might ask why I don't just point folks to the wiki. I'm using WikidPad (ver. 2.0rc02), a single-instance wiki. It is essentially NotePad with wiki functionality, which is exactly the level of complexity I need when writing. It is VERY useful for this sort of thing and I will keep it open when I'm running so I can keep everything straight when I'm running. I will probably also switch the material to Obsidian Portal as the players explore. When I start doing that, I'll post the relevant links here.]

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