Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pre-Crash Player Knowledge 4

System Name: Krjalk Qath (Adab-0505)
UWP: X7E1xxx-x
The Krjalk Qath wear robes that obscure their entire (vaguely humanoid) body and are extremely isolationist.  While there are many bubble cities dotting the surface of single world they occupy at the edge of this system, landing for outsiders is allowed at only one of them.  It is speculated that their cities are connected via underground tunnels, but this has never been confirmed.  The Krjalk Qath have never been seen on other worlds and they do not seem to have access to interstellar travel.

System Name: New Argos (Adab-0507)
UWP: C868xxx-x
New Argos is an ocean world with two primary industries - fishing and tourism.  Several notable luxury hotel complexes are found on New Argos along with those catering to the middle class and the merely wealthy.  Some of the beaches on New Argos are legendary.  In addition to catering to tourists, the local fishing industry provides seafood for export across the sector.

The local culture on New Argos is a curious mix of Old Earth Mediterranean and Japanese with an emphasis on sailing and fishing.  Some of the hotel complexes chose one or the other of the cultures as a theme, providing an idealized experience for clientèle.

System Name: Barathat (Adab-0603)
UWP: X9C5xxx-x
Barathat is a mining world with a corrosive and invasive atmosphere that keeps away most visitors.  The purity of the materials mined from deep under the surface of Barathat ensure that there will always be an interest in this otherwise inhospitable world.

System Name: Watan (Adab-0604)
UWP: X860xxx-x
Watan is an experiment in terraforming.  Its favorable orbit and mass, yet a complete lack of a native biosphere provided an excellent blank slate for the experiment.  Ice was hauled from frozen worlds on the fringe of the system to massive processing machines that converted the ice into its component parts and either injected them into the atmosphere to make it breathable or deposited it in water reservoirs for use by the colony.  Colonists used to a desert environment are shipped in to develop the world and maintain the terraforming.  The first stages of the project have been a complete success and the planetary population is currently growing.

System Name: Maresfield (Adab-0605)
UWP: B767544-12 Ga Ht
[This is the starting world for the campaign and I'm going to do a separate posting for it as it is now quite long.]

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