Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Status Update

First, check out Shattered Star Book 2, Session 39, if you missed it as I'm dual posting today.

Second, we will finish Book 2 of the Shattered Star Adventure Path this month [December 2021].  When exactly is not certain, but we are just doing some mopping up of experience points after essentially completing the adventure in Book 2 at this point.  Making the situation slightly more complex, the Other GM has finished his training for his new job and expects to get assigned to his new position some time soon.  Some of those options are not in the Houston area, which means he and his wife [Marativy's player] might be moving this month, which clearly takes precedence over the game.  No one is sure of the timing here, so we are playing it by ear.

On top of which, the Other GM needs time to modify Book 3's content as we are rapidly leveling out of it.  The players don't see this as an issue but he wants to change it up and maybe cut some of the less playable sections.  We really did not like Book 2 very much as it dragged in parts and we always seemed to be fighting things that were designed to be hard for our level, exploiting weaknesses in the character classes that another level or two would fix [the writer was "punching down" as it were].  The glass golem was an excellent example of this - it nearly killed several characters when we encountered it, but another level [or two] higher and spells like Shatter became available and it is would be easier to defeat.

So December 27 we will be switching back to the Delvers Guild campaign.  As I'm running about 5 sessions behind on publishing my notes here, the Ratpack will continue to appear on the blog until the end of January.  I will probably finish by posting summary pages for Book 1 and Book 2 that list links to all of the sessions for each book and then put a link to those summary pages in the sidebar in the Campaign Archive widget.  I will also create one for the Delvers Guild.  

I'm going to change how I do links at the bottom of each session report, starting with the Delvers Guild campaign.  I will only be putting three links at the bottom of each post: one to the summary page, one to the previous session page and one to the next session page.  It gets tiring inserting an increasing number of links each post and I think this will solve that while still providing easy navigation back and forth.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on any of this in the comments.  Thank you!

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