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Delvers Guild – Session 23 – Between Expeditions

[November 4th-8th – The players receive experience points and spend them while in town.]

[This game uses the Fifth Revised Edition of the Hero System rules along with the Fantasy Hero supplement.  This session happened September 14, 2020.]

Player Characters:

Jala – human female – a person of discretion, studying aspects of the Law [to avoid them] at the Dusk Academy

Ricky the Astrologer – human male – has a thirst for knowledge but doesn’t know what he’s searching for, currently studying Astrology at Monarch University

Zarek the Red – fox male – a cerebrally-unfettered spell researcher [read: Mad Scientist] turned into a talking fox, studying Natural Philosophy at Monarch University to find a way to become human again

Vorgand – human female – professional porter and Adventurer’s Aide, irregularly attends classes at The Tested military academy, practitioner of Steel Serpent martial arts, and Guildmaster of the Delvers Guild

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Clarence – human male – studies Religion in Temples district, coincidentally the group healer

Nick Stalwart – human male – part of the Stalwart family of merchants, studying Mathematics at The Interesting Institute of Profitable People, a college at Monarch University

Non-Player Characters:

Torsten, Fish, Harek – ex-bandits, now torchbearers for the Delvers Guild

Konrad Moonclub – Stalwart family factor in Little Wytheford

Orm Oxdriver – driver of the guild’s over-sized, double-decker vardo

November 4th through 6th, 1st year of the reign of King Vladik the Gamesman

The Delvers attended classes at their various centers of learning in Aegea City.  Each picked up new aspects of their education [read: spent experience points].  The story of fighting the blue not-dragon was told several times to other students over drinks at The Library.

Nick learned that his little brother, Les, has gone missing.  Nick starts looking into it after Les does not show up for dinner two days in a row.  In his spare time, Nick continued working on a spell to recharge wands.  He feels he is close, but could do better.

Jala moved into the new guildhall, selecting a room on one of the uppermost floors [her shadowjump spell makes stairs inconsequential].  She replaced the lock and knob on the door to a more complex one and contracted a carpenter to craft a raised bed platform so her bed will be up near the ceiling [but with enough room to sit up safely]. She also started shopping for a mattress and other furnishings to turn her room into a small apartment.  She continued taking lessons from Ricky on navigation until she had a solid grounding in it.  [She spent experience points to buy the skill.]  She tracked down teachers in the Dusk Academy to improve her appraisal and breaking and entering skills.

Clarence spent much of his time researching different kinds of undead and how to combat them.  He discovered notes on “elven glow skeletons” and the dangers of their contagious death aura.  If not stopped, the contagion can infect entire towns.  He warned Vorgand of this and she assured him she “has it under control”.

Vorgand tied the glowing femurs from the desert skeletons [and the now-glowing blanket she keeps them in] with a rope and suspended them from the ceiling of the basement in the guildhall.  Over several days she tracked the spread of the glow up the rope to determine the speed of the contagion.  She asked the other Delvers to research containment circles.  When not training at The Blooded [the military academy, where she learns Martial Escape this session], she spends time at The Library carousing with other students [increasing her Presence].

Zarek purchased iron from several smithies, enough that he felt he could make into a fox-sized golem.  He also dithered on learning some new magic, asking for opinions from the other Delvers.

Ricky developed a new spell that turns him invisible by sending his own shadow into the plane of shadows [the Tricky Ricky Shadow Eater spell].  When it works.  When it doesn’t work, it causes a small rift to the plane of shadows and shadow-stuff explodes into being around him, blocking all sight.  He is not displeased with this outcome.  Ricky also started outlining a space for a teleportation circle in the basement of the guildhall [away from Vorgand’s experiment].  His plan is to set up a standing gate between the guildhall and the Moon Manor, allowing rapid transit to the site instead of the day-long travel now required.

Cromsday, November 7th, 1st year of the reign of King Vladik the Gamesman

A winter storm rolled in late in the day.  As a result, the waters of Dragon Bay were dangerously choppy.  The evening ferry from Little Wytheford barely made it back into port.

While investigating the status of the ferry for the weekend’s expedition, Nick heard reports of recent attacks on the island of Arkoi by a “six-legged dragon”.  Arkoi is the site of one of the portal addresses the Delvers recently explored and is considered adjacent to the portal at the desert city ruins.  Arkoi not home to “six-legged dragons” and is small enough to be completely explored.  Nick kept this information to himself while at the docks but shared the reports with the other Delvers when they met at The Library that night.

Freysday, November 8th, 1st year of the reign of King Vladik the Gamesman

The winter storm was still blowing, making the waters of Dragon Bay dangerous to sail.  Ferry service to and from Little Wytheford was cancelled for the day.  The Delver expedition to Moon Manor this weekend was cancelled as a result.

End of Session

[This session was mostly the awarding and spending of experience points.  We also talked about what they were doing while in town and then I told them about the storm and the reports of a blue, dragon-like creature on Arkoi.  Les Stalwart is Nick’s DNPC and stole away on a boat to get back to the Moon Manor where Nick was adventuring.  Unfortunately, he stowed away on the wrong boat and is now in the eastern Opal Sea trying to earn his keep as a cabin boy and not get thrown into the brig.]

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