Friday, February 3, 2023

No post this week and next week

I'm pushing to get the Draft D edits of Book III of my OD&D clone [Adventures in the Green] done before the next playtest game (Feb. 11) so all my spare writing time is going into that.  I'll resume Shattered Star Book 3 session reports after that.  My apologies for the disruption.

As an aside, I discovered I ran one of the magic items my players discovered early in the playtest campaign wrong.  It was a Helm of Chaos/Law and I made the effect permanent instead of only while the helmet was on the character's head.  I'm discussing with the player how we want to "fix" this.  I see two solutions:

  1. Assume he is still wearing the helmet and never took it off.  The PCs didn't have access to Dispel Magic at the time so it is within the realm of possible things.
  2. Assume with his INT and WIS of 6 when they did remove it, he just kept acting Lawful because it never occurred to him to act differently.  Also within the realm of possible.

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