Thursday, March 25, 2021

Some housekeeping and The Week Texas Froze

 I've done some housekeeping and corrected some of the in-game dates for the Shattered Star Adventure Path, Book 2.  I noticed an error had crept in and the numbering of the campaign days had stuck on Day 32 for a bit instead of moving to Day 33.

Session 8, which posts next week, covers two game session because of The Week Texas Froze.  That started February 15, which was a holiday here but no one did anything because of the weather.  This is what my weather app showed on the morning of the 16th:

The high listed is below the normal lows for this area, pretty much ever.  We usually only get below freezing a couple nights a year and usually for only a couple hours.  DAYS of this weather is not what Houston is built for and trouble ensued for a lot of people.

I was lucky and am very thankful for that.  My wife was a genius for switching our pipes to PEX tubes so none of our "pipes" burst, even though several had ice in them - we could tell as no water came out of them when the rest of the house had water pressure.  We spent the day with out water pressure several days in a row, but some water pressure returned in the evening each day, which allowed us to wash dishes and flush toilets.

That's it for now.  If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.  Thank you!

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