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Ratpack – Session 23

[Wrap up Day 15 and then on to Day 16.  The Ratpack finds Lord Baz.]

[This game uses the Pathfinder 1E roleplaying game.  Game sessions happen once a week.  This session happened April 27, 2020.]

[SPOILERS!  If you are likely to adventure through the Shattered Star Adventure Path from Paizo, this campaign will be spoilers all the way down.]

Player Characters

Marativy – female ratfolk 3rd level Ninja

Roscuro – male ratfolk 4th level Monk

Zitch Grimreaper – male 4th level Witch with a donkey rat (capybara) familiar

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Templeton von Trapp – male ratfolk 4th level Summoner (Synthesist)

Winston – male ratfolk 3rd level Gunslinger

Day 15

[We picked up some activities it would have taken too much time to do at the end of the previous session.]

While Winston was crafting silver bullet in the Common Room, Zitch healed him up.  Zitch also took time to cast identify on the wand from the tapestry.  It was a wand of lesser restoration with 17 charges remaining.

Marativy and Templeton made a trek down to the magic fountain on Sub-level 2 [its waters a combined cure light wounds and lesser restoration, once a day].  Templeton was still down some Dexterity from the imp fight and wanted to use the healing waters to fix that instead of the non-recoverable wand charges.  They were careful to avoid the spider-webbed side passage and the kitchen area that the group had not cleared out.  This allowed them to make the trek and return without any combat with Templeton completely healed and restored.

At this point the Tower Girls were nearly don packing and moving out of The Crow, the Irespan pillar they had been using as a place to hide.  They were happy to have a safer place to rebuild from that was not out on the bay.  They expected to be completely out of The Crow by the 17th.

Day 16

Healed and rested, the Ratpack descended again into The Crow’s sub-levels.  They stopped by the healing fountain on Sub-level 2 to fill their spare waterskins from the basin and then continued their descent to Sub-level 3.

They entered the level through the octagon room, exiting it to the east.  At the nupperibo room, they descended the first set of stairs to the lower half of Sub-level 3.  As they passed the unexplored western passage on their way to the next set of stairs down, Winston heard a snuffling noise from down the side passage.  The group paused, but could not see anything down that passage, so they shrugged and descended the second set of stairs to the pillar and portcullis room.

[You might notice my description of this section is a little more precise this time.  I found I have a photo of the map our mapper drew and no longer have to rely on my sometimes sketchy notes and sketchier memory.]

In the pillar room, Roscuro pulled out a vial of oil and started oiling the portcullis.  Winston and Templeton kept an eye on the stairs up, in case the snuffling thing made an appearance.  Once Roscuro had oiled the portcullis, he inserted the brass crank into the Sihedron rune on the pillar and opened the portcullis.  The oil kept the raising portcullis from being painfully noisy, but it was not quiet either.

Distracted by the noise from the portcullis, neither Templeton nor Winston immediately noticed the hellhound quietly pad its way down the steps, drawn by the noise.  Just as the noise from the portcullis stopped, the growling hellhound was noticed.  It breathed out its fire-breath attack, catching Templeton, Winston, and Roscuro in the 10-foot cone of flame.  Warned by the growling, Roscuro was able to evade the flames entirely with a twisting leap [made his saving throw and has the Evasion feat, so no damage taken].  Winston was able to shrug off much of the flames [made his save for half damage], but Templeton took the full brunt of the attack [failed his save].  During the quick fight that followed, Roscuro made his first ki strike and Templeton struck the killing blow on the hellhound, which seemed fitting.  After the fight, Roscuro asked Winston to skin the hellhound for later use.  The group waited for Winston to take the time to do this, spiking the portcullis open and removing the brass crank while they waited.

Once the hellhound was skinned, the group went through the portcullis.  The door leading to the four-way intersection was closed, which was definitely not how the ratfolk had left it.  The group opened the door, but no devils of any kind suddenly appeared.  The group sighed in relief.

Examining the intersection, the north way ended in 10 feet at the fountain with a door on the east wall.  The south way was like-wise short with a single door, also on the east wall.  The west passage went 30 feet and then entered into a room at what appeared to be a balcony.  Consulting their map, the ratfolk realized the X for Lord Baz was just beyond the doorway to the south.  Winston and Marativy checked the door for traps and found none.  Marativy picked the lock and opened the door.

Beyond was a 20’ by 30’ room containing a low table flanked by two benches.  There was a stringed musical instrument leaning against the table and nothing else.  Roscuro entered the room and picked up the musical instrument.  The group started hearing laughter from multiple invisible sources in the room.  Zitch cast glitter dust for the first time, filling all but the back five feet of the room with the effect, outlining two invisible and flying creatures.  A third creature, somewhere in the back of the room and just outside of the spell effect summoned a swarm of bats on top of Winston and Templeton in the doorway.

Roscuro attacked one of the invisible imps, striking a perfect blow [critical hit for maximum damage].  Marativy entered the room, moving to Roscuro and killed the wounded imp.  Templeton moved into the room to flank the second imp, which triggered an attack of opportunity for the unknown third creature.  It summoned another swarm of bats, dropping the invisibility spell on itself as a result.  Zitch was able to identify it to the group as a Zebub, another kind of minor devil with similar resistances and immunities as the imps.  Zitch used the wand of lightning bolt to fry the first swarm of bats and hit Lord Baz [the Zebub].

Roscuro and Marativy moved together to attack Baz, both hitting to good effect.  Baz backed into a corner, away from Roscuro and Marativy, and gated in 4 nupperibos.  Zitch used another charge from the wand of lightning bolt, killing one nupperibo and tagging Baz again.  Roscuro stepped up to Baz and performed a flurry of blows, doing only a little damage due to Baz’s damage resistance.  Marativy followed Roscuro and stabbed Baz with the silver dagger while Templeton landed a hit with his claws, causing Baz to start bleeding.  Stuck in a corner and surrounded, Baz cast greater teleport and escaped to somewhere else.

Once Baz was gone, the ratfolk quickly mopped up the nupperibos and the last imp.  When the room was cleared of enemies, all of the ratfolk but Roscuro drank the healing magic water in their waterskins.  Zitch cast his healing hex on Marativy and Winston to finish their healing.

End of Session

Rat Whispers

[Not much to say here.  With two fights, the session didn’t cover a lot of new ground, but Lord Baz was driven away.  We would have rather killed the Zebub instead.  Now we don’t know when he’ll show up again to cause trouble.  It would not surprise me to learn that the adventure was written to guarantee he escaped so he could be used as a recurring villain.  We won’t find out for a while.]


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