Sunday, August 2, 2020

Adventures in the Green, Draft B

This page provides links to Draft B of Adventures in the Green, my clone of the OD&D rules.
  1. Book I: Characters
  2. Book II: Conflicts
  3. Book III: Campaigns
Draft A was never made public - it was more a mirror of Greyharp's Single Volume Edition.  In Draft A I was working to get all the original content sorted out and used the SVE as a sort of checklist.  The goal was to go through the original booklets and stripmine the content, sorting it into a ready outline.  This helped locate obscure rules that should not have been obscure and things that were never explained until later errata.

In Draft B I reorganized the material for better flow and to even out the page counts of the three booklets.  I also rewrote sections for clarity and consistency in presentation.  Draft B is the first version I'm willing to show others and is the version being play-tested in 2020.  There are still gaps in the rules and as I run across them I'm filling them in.

Known gaps as of August 2, 2020:
  • There are no rules for healing other than magic healing.
  • There are no rules for time to swap out weapons in combat.
  • There are no rules for time to ready a new shield in combat (assuming use of Shields Shall Be Splintered).
I imagine there will be a few more, but hopefully not many.  Please post here to let me know if you discover any other gaps or errors so I can fix them.

The next revision I will likely place on DriveThruRPG as Pay What You Want.  It will have art where all the placeholder material is and be as polished as I can get it.


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