Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Aldelle Group – Backgrounds 1: Harkaitz of the Red Soul

This series of postings will contain character backgrounds and some basic build information. My goal is to provide enough background for you to get an idea of the character, but not go so far that it becomes a wank. Please let me know how I do. If there is enough interest, I’ll interview the other players about their characters and provide their backgrounds as well.

Harkaitz of the Red Soul
Priest of Ra
(18 years old, 5’ 9”, green eyes, red hair, tan skin)

Harkaitz was born in a small town on the fringes of the Great Desert. He had dark hair and eyes like all the children in his village and showed a talent for organizing the other children in games. A local priest noticed his talents and sponsored Harkaitz into the temple. When first consecrated to the temple as an initiate, Harkaitz’s eyes turned emerald green, the same color as the emerald eyes of the statue of Ra in the temple sanctuary.

Due to his talents at leading and his obvious calling by Ra, Harkaitz started training to be a paladin of Ra. This lasted several years until Harkaitz’s more scholarly inclinations and talents manifested. After some discussion and a few divinations, Harkaitz was shifted to priestly training. When Harkaitz was first ordained as a novitiate, his hair turned a deep red, the color favored by Ra. This is when Harkaitz was given the sobriquet “of the Red Soul”.

While training to be a priest of Ra, Harkaitz still maintained his friendships amongst the paladin hopefuls, sparring with them when he could and comparing training notes. Harkaitz often volunteered for vigil duty and wore his armor often, making him more comfortable and easy in his armor than other novitiates.

When his training was finished, Harkaitz was sent north as the divinations indicated this is where he would be needed but little else. Harkaitz eventually found himself in the island village of Aldelle, where he made the acquaintances of Wednesday, an elven trap specialist, and Frankie Hu, a dwarven monk, just as The Goblin Troubles were starting.

As a result of his upbringing, Harkaitz is a bit atypical as a priest. His early paladin training has left him with a willingness to stand in the way of harm to protect others and a confidence bordering on recklessness. He also has a ready supply of tactical advice for his companions, although he does try to rein that in as they have their own styles of combat, different from his. His priestly training has granted him a diplomatic nature and he is regularly the group spokesman.

Game Stats:
Human, male, Cleric 9, Sun and Fire domains
STR: 16, DEX: 14, CON: 10, INT: 11, WIS: 17, CHA: 14

Traits: armor expert and natural-born leader

Feats: forge ring, leadership, point blank shot, precise shot, rapid reload: light crossbow, selective channeling


  1. It was not until I wrote this that I learned that Harkaitz was a failed paladin trainee.

    It explains sooooo much about him and the way he does things.

  2. "It was not until I wrote this that I learned that Harkaitz was a failed paladin trainee. It explains sooooo much about him and the way he does things. "

    Mega lulz! It's so true! I've been building up my current character's backstory and discovering all sorts of things I didn't know about him. (which is really weird on several levels)