Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Aldelle Group – Backgrounds 2: Aziz of the Light

Aziz of the Light

Paladin of Ra
(18 years old, 6’ 0”, brown eyes, black hair, tan skin)

Aziz was born in a river village in the desert. He was born with a birthmark on his right arm in the shape of the Eye of Ra, marking him for the god’s service. Lacking the aptitude to become a priest, Aziz was placed in with the temple’s defenders. Here he excelled.

After a few years of training, Aziz became a candidate for paladinhood and started training with the other hopefuls. Becoming a paladin of Ra requires a balance of personable and militant skills, a balance that Aziz was able to achieve. Aziz favored the quick fighting style of the dervish to the brute force of the northern knights and pursued a mobile fighting style.

After completing his training and being ordained a paladin, Aziz travelled from town to village, assisting those in need. During this time Aziz defended a town from the predations of a blue dragon, slaying the beast. To show their gratitude, the village armorers and leather workers combined their talents, crating a suite of banded armor and a heavy shield out of the hide of the dragon. This is a treasured possession of Aziz’s now, reminding him of the people he steps into harm’s way for - common tradespeople and villagers with no other defenders.

After returning to the temple he was stationed to, the temple oracle prophesied that Aziz was to travel far to the north, find “the man with a soul of fire”, and assist him. This was an unusual prophecy, but Aziz was a servant to Ra and made his preparations to travel and then set out.

The grassy plains north of the desert were a strange place for Aziz. At each village he came to he inquired about “the man with a soul of fire” but no one knew who he was speaking of. Eventually Aziz came to Terranor, capital of the human kingdom north of the desert. There he found a temple to Ra and asked again about “the man with a soul of fire”. Here the High Priest’s eyes opened with recognition and requested Aziz stay at the temple for a few days as he knew of a person who might match Aziz’s request. Two days later Aziz met Harkaitz of the Red Soul and the two were instant friends, having many childhood experiences in common and similar outlooks on life.

Game Stats:
Human, male, Paladin 7, divine bond
STR: 15, DEX: 13, CON: 14, INT: 10, WIS: 12, CHA: 16

Traits: armor expert and birthmark

Feats: dodge, leadership, mobility, spring attack, step up

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