Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shadowrun Report – A Dwarf in Need – Session 2

[This session happened on May 4, 2015 (Star wars Day).  Two players could not make the game, so we did mostly in-game prep work.  As a result of the role play, we really started dis-liking the client.]

Player Characters

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant

NPC’d Characters

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Tuesday, December 24, 2075
With the job accepted, several members of the Pleiades Group started investigating the situation at the client’s home.  Void checked onsite security by sneaking on site to physically inspect all access points and locks – without alerting the current security people that she was doing so or to expect her.  She made notes as to what kinds of upgrades would be necessary once the Group was officially on the job.  Prometheus prowled the area around Sam’s house (often on other people’s property), looking for possible sniper positions able to target Sam’s guards.  He found several good ones and some iffy ones, but made note of all of them.

Wednesday, December 25, 2075
Prometheus spent Christmas Day moving from sniper position to sniper position, popping Sam’s guards with rubber bullets until they took proper cover and stopped standing out in the open.  This took most of the day.  By this time the guards knew a new security team was prepping to move in, so Knight Errant was never called in as a result and Doc Wagon doesn’t handle bruised egos.

Thursday, December 26, 2075
The Fin and Prometheus spent time tracking down the beef between the Eighty-Eights and Sam.  The two made a surprisingly effective team, working their way through the Metroplex’s hit man community.
The Story:
The Eighty-Eights were evicted from their primary building in Snohomish by Sam.  The Eighty-Eights sub-boss involved is Shek Wei Zhe and he knows Sam as Robert Khordaldrum.  The Eighty-Eights and Sam may have done business in the past and the Eighty-Eights are of the opinion Sam knew that the building was theirs.  On top of this, there is supposed to be a regional Triad meeting happening there on December 30th and the Eighty-Eights will lose major face if they cannot host the meeting properly in their own building.  Few know about the eviction and the Eighty-Eights want it to stay that way.
Sensing an opportunity, The Fin asked Sam for a meeting to find out what Sam’s beef is with the Eighty-Eights.  After dinner they talked.  Sam wanted the building to put a hotel there.  He knew the Eighty-Eights were there, but that’s why he hired the Pleiades Group: he wanted them to whack the necessary Eighty-Eights to make the problem go away.  As The Fin was broadcasting the meeting to the rest of the Group, this statement was recorded.

The Fin asked what it would take to get Sam to agree to let the Eighty-Eights resume occupancy of the building.  He was expecting to make a profit on the new hotel of 50,000¥ a month, so he’d accept that plus 10% as hush money.  The Fin asked if he would authorize her to make that deal and he agreed, drawing up a legal document allowing her to negotiate with “the previous tenants”.

During this entire conversation, Sam was abrasive and verging on abusive and the entire Group saw and heard him.  This led to speculation on whether or not the Group could complete this contract and then get paid by the Eighty-Eights to either whack Sam or sell paydata to them on the improved security features and access codes.

End of Session

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