Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Session Report - Mak Attack 03

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Tuesday, November 5, 2075

The team met at later the same night at Ebey’s Bar in Exile in Everett to plan.  Having thoroughly scouted out the target site (Golden Arms Massage), the best option seems to be a quiet insertion with Void breaking in on her own.  Murdock had spells to make Void invisible and the center of a small zone of silence.  This should get here in and out without being seen or heard.  He would need to be in a place where he could keep an eye on things magically, so it was decided he would be at the What the Pho food cart cater corner from the target.

In order to improve Void’s odds at not being interrupted, The Fin decided that a distraction in the front lobby to pull in the bouncers from the security room would be a good idea.  No on in the current crew would be able to do the job correctly, so she called in a street samurai she knew, Killroy.  She offered him 1000¥ to cause a scene in the lobby for 10-15 minutes.  He eagerly took the opportunity.

[Killroy’s player missed the first two sessions but was here for this one, so we meta-talked out what would be the best way to integrate him and this plan is what came of it.]

To support Killroy and keep better eyes on things, Sin would now place his Fly-Spy drones to observe the security room and the window to the counting room.  The Fin would keep an eye on his body while he was jumped into his drones.  The panel truck would be parked a block west of the target, out of sight but allowing access to the team if they needed to run for it.  Go Time was set at 7:15pm, Thursday.  The team then dispersed to rest and make final preparations for the run.

Thursday, November 7, 2075

Murdock and Void arrived at “Hobo Alley” at 6:30pm.  Murdock ate some psyche, a designer stimulant prized by magicians.  Once it kicked in, he cast an improved invisibility spell on Void, making her unseeable.  He then cast silence on her, setting the radius to 2 m [Force 2].  Murdock then wandered over to What the Pho to get some pho, concentrating on maintaining the two spells.  Void waited in “Hobo Alley” until it was time, observant yet detached due to the psyche.

Sin and The Fin were in position in Sin’s panel truck at 7:00pm and Sin’s Fly-Spys were in place by 7:10pm.  The video output from the drones was displayed on monitors in the panel truck so The Fin could track things and provide updates to the team via Image Links.  [The updates had to be visual, i.e., text, as Void would not be able to hear anything and Killroy did not have an internal commlink.]

On his way over to the target, Killroy picked up some cheap vodka and splashed it on him.  [A shot may also have been imbibed.]  He then took walked over to Golden Arms with a slight stagger in his walk.  He timed things so he arrived just before 7:15pm.

Void left Hobo Alley, made her way across the busy street [gracefully avoiding vehicles that could not see her], and leapt from the sidewalk to atop the fence to atop the neon sign just in front of the windows to the counting room.  Sin was aware of her arrival when his drone’s audio feed suddenly went silent.  Void started slowly bypassing the windows security.

Down in the lobby, Killroy started boisterously asking for “services”.  The staff tried to work with him [they spotted a potential sucker], but as he started getting louder and handed over an empty gold credstick to pay for the services, the matron discretely pressed a button to summon the bouncers.

Sin, through his drones,  saw the bouncers set down their mahjongg pieces and head downstairs and warned The Fin.  The Fin updated Killroy and Void via text messages that the bouncers were deploying.  Killroy stopped escalating the issue in the lobby, maintaining his current level of belligerence to keep the bouncers focused on him but not ready to pull out their hatchets.

By this point Void had bypassed the window security.  She opened one of the windows and entered the empty counting room.  She closed the window behind her and then stepped over to the locker.  She used a maglock passkey to easily open the maglock on the locker [the maglock critically glitched].  She spent just under 30 seconds swapping out the good credsticks for tampered ones.  When she went to re-secure the locker, she discovered the maglock was now broken.  She quickly and expertly opened it, cleaned out the filthy interior, and reassembled it.  This fixed the maglock and she was able to re-lock the locker.  Void then exited the room through the window, re-closed it, and reset the window security.

Once Sin’s drones showed the counting room’s window open and close again, The Fin texted Killroy that he could now wind it up and leave.  Killroy stopped being so belligerent and let the bouncers “convince” him to leave.  Sin recalled his drones to the panel truck and prepped to drive the team away.

Void’s exit was delayed due to an inopportune pub-crawl group of 30 civilians moving by on the sidewalk Void wanted to jump down onto.  Void was not concerned about them seeing her, but the two-meter radius silence spell would likely cause a ruckus amongst the pub-crawlers and might draw attention, so she waited.  Murdock could see her astrally waiting and updated The Fin on Void’s situation.  Void waited for five minutes for the small herd to pass and the sidewalk to clear.  She then hopped down from the sign to the sidewalk.  She then made her way to the panel truck.  Murdock slurped down the last of his pho and then made his way to the panel truck as well.

The team rode back to Ebey’s.  The Fin took a taxi from Ebey’s to the Helping Hands Thrift Store over in Snohomish while the rest of the team got pre-celebration drinks.  At the thrift shop, The Fin directed the taxi to the back of the building, where she delivered the goods to the orc with chromed tusks, providing the correct pass-phrase.  She then took the taxi back to Ebey’s.  On the way, 16,000¥ was deposited into her account, 12,000¥ for the job and 4000¥ as a bonus.

Back at Ebey’s, The Fin paid Killroy his 1000¥, paid Void, Sin, and Murdock 3333¥, and pocketed a cool 5001¥ herself.  Drinks were then purchased and consumed by the team.  Repeatedly.

End of Session

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