Thursday, November 20, 2014

Session Report - Mak Attack 02

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Tuesday, November 5, 2075
Having spent the previous day gathering information on the target, the team met at Ebey’s Bar in Exile in Everett at 3:00 pm to share what they learned.  [Sin’s damaged Fly-Spy eventually returned to him and he dropped it off to get it repaired earlier in the morning.]

The Fin was able to get a basic blueprint of the massage parlor through one of her contacts.  Using that schematic, the rest of the team added the details of what they had learned.  The recorded video feed from Sin’s drones provided important data, identifying the upstairs room looking out on 19th Street as a counting room for drugs and money.  In that room was a standing locker, anchored to the floor and wall, with a quality maglock.  Void was able to identify the model of maglock and is confident she can crack it.

Void shared that the back of the building was not thermographically shielded and that she had identified a bathroom and a massage room downstairs and a locker room upstairs.  She also confirmed that the external security for the second floor was tighter than that of the first floor and she saw some opportunities to get in close and not be seen.  She was also planning on going to the site for a massage to get a feel for how busy the place would be when the job went down.

Murdock related what he learned through the air spirit, identifying over half the rooms on the first floor.  He suggested he send another spirit in to look at the second floor as one of the rooms up there was still unidentified (the front room, overlooking Hoyt Street).  The Fin agreed and set the time for the next meeting at 11:00pm that night.

The Fin wanted to put eyes on the place herself, so she rode over with Sin in Sin’s panel truck.  She would provide some additional security for Sin’s body while he was jumped in to his drones.

The team (minus Void) was in position shortly after 6:00pm.  The Fin (dressed down for the neighborhood) walked the two blocks from Sin’s truck to the food truck cater-corner from the massage parlor.  [The food truck specialized in Vietnamese food and was named “What’s That Pho?”]  As the sun had already set, she was able to notice the lights were on in the front upstairs room.  She observed them shut off after a bit, but saw no one in particular leave the building besides a massage customer or two.

Void meanwhile was exiting a taxi at a bar near the naval station.  She walked over to the corner near the exit from the Administration Building and caught a different cab to take over to Golden Arms Massage.  She was dressed in civilian clothes, but had her hair done up to meet UCAS Naval Regulations.  At the massage parlor, she stated this business had been recommended to her and she wanted to sample the services as she would be stationed here for a couple years.  This lit up nuyen signs in the staff’s eyes and, after reviewing the options, Void received a quality massage treatment lasting an hour.

Having observed Void arrive, The Fin finished her pho, grabbed some to go for Sin, and walked back to the truck.  Sin was glad for the pho and after slurping some down, sent out his remaining Fly-Spy drone.  Once it arrived, he investigated the windows for the front upstairs room.  He located a spot where the mirror treatment on the windows was spotty and was able to get an idea of what was in the room.  He saw a business desk with a chair in front of and behind it, a carpet, and not much else as the room was dark and his drone had no light amplification.  He recalled the drone to wait for Murdock to do his thing.

Returning to the hobo alley, Murdock summoned an air spirit.  He was in better form [i.e., he spent a point of Edge] and was able to command three services from the spirit.  He sent the spirit over to the house to investigate the upstairs rooms.  Murdock was able to confirm the room overlooking 19th Street was the counting room and the locker contained the credsticks the team was hired to swap out.  The front room turned out to be an office with a large oriental dragon painted on the wall facing the desk.  The desk contained some pistols and ammunition, some shotgun shells, a data terminal, and some miscellaneous office supplies.  While the spirit was there, the four bruisers from the security room headed downstairs and Murdock expended a second service to get the air spirit to follow them.  He was nervous someone had noticed the spirit and the goons were coming after him, but they were just responding to a belligerent customer of the massage parlor downstairs.

Having checked the upstairs rooms (and the attic spaces – where the spirit found a long dead body), Murdock expended the third and final service having the air spirit investigate the shack outside.  IT appeared to Murdock to be a private party room with one man being entertained by two women.  There were also stashes of novacoke and deep weed.  Completing the last of the required services, the spirit returned to its home realm.

End of Session

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