Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chapter 7: War Comes to Speedwell - Status Update 4

Closing in on the end of Chapter 7.  I have about half a scene (really a series of news reports) to finish and then the chapter is done.  I hope to get that written tomorrow as my wife has other plans and I have the evening to myself.

Chapter 8 is going to take some work.  I've looked over my notes and realized they are terribly sketchy and not as fleshed out as earlier chapters were.  So next week's writing time is more likely to be planning time to better flesh out what I want to happen and how.  The ending has to be solid and stand on itself, but also start laying the ground work for the next book.  (Yes, there will be a next book - it will be more of an exploration story with time running out politically.)

Word Count: 56,753 words

That's it for now.  Later!

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