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Session Report – Woodchipper – Job Five: MoM Defense

[This job happened April 18th, May 2nd, May 23rd, and then never finished due to events in Ludovic’s Hell (which got way out of control).  I’m including it as an example of working against player expectations and to show that not all Johnsons are business people.  Some of them are planning to use runners as Kleenex.]

PCs Involved
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Seul-ki – androgynous human from Korea, a laconic expert with swords
Limbsaw – female human street samurai with a monofilament chainsaw, works body disposal on the side

Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
Ash – male human car shaman/rigger, speaks in the third person and follows The Spirit of The Road

Tuesday, March 31, 2076
Part of a barrage of calls, The Fin was called by Ms. Johnson, a middle-aged orc woman claiming to be part of Mothers of Metahumans (MoM), a semi-political group supporting metahuman rights.  She asked to meet with The Fin to discuss a discrete protection job.  The Fin agreed to the meeting and they settle on a 2:00 PM meeting at the orphanage, Daylilies of the Shire.

2:00 PM
The Daylilies of the Shire is at 13404 N Echo Lake Rd, Redmond, Seattle Metroplex, which is just north of Echo Lake in the Redmond Barrens, built on the remains of a bulk florist facility.  Due to issues with safe travel in the Redmond Barrens, the trip to get there took 2 hours.  The Fin brought a team consisting of herself, Killroy, Seul-ki, Limbsaw, Prometheus, and Ash to get the details and look over the place.

Daylilies of the Shire is hidden from the road by a 4-meter tall, 12-meter deep thicket of various plants and bushes.  The relatively short driveway turns twice inside the thicket, so there is no direct line of sight from the road to the building.  Once past the thicket, the property opened up to a one hectare (2.5 acre) landscaped lawn adjacent to the lake.  A 4-meter security wall ringed the property, except along the lakefront.  The orphanage was a single-story, rectangular structure with a small parking lot in front on the left.

Ms. Johnson, a middle-aged but fit orc woman in jeans and flannel, met with the team in the front conference room. She explained the orphanage needed help defending itself for a week while a crucial piece of construction is completed, from April 6 to April 13.  The construction will disrupt the orphanage’s normal security perimeter and they’ve reliable information an attack will happen during that time.  The attackers are financed by the Humanis Policlub.  The orphanage cannot afford to pay a great deal as most of its funds are tied up in the construction project, but they can afford to pay 21,000¥ for the week’s work.

After a quick poll of the team through facial expressions, The Fin agreed to take the job for the offered 21,000¥, but asked Ms. Johnson will go to her sources to try and find out how many attackers they should expect.  Ms. Johnson agreed to this.

Ms. Johnson explained that the team will coordinate with George, the handyman, for the placement of any security equipment.  The Fin asked for a tour of the property, to which Ms. Johnson agreed, but only the exterior.  She explained that the orphans were rescued from abusive situations and might react poorly to anyone not orphanage personnel.  The team accepted this and took a tour of the grounds.  Poking around in the landscaping, they discovered that the lake approach was protected by a couple of well-hidden automated gun platforms.  There were also a variety of security sensors scattered around the property and along the walls.  All the windows of the orphanage were mirrored and appeared to be bullet proof.

The construction area was on the front side of the building, at the right-hand end, and marked out with small orange flags.  The team discussed options and decided on an array of sensors covering the areas nearest to the construction area [the most likely place for an attack] and placement of Killroy’s smart-linked gun platform.  Satisfied for the moment, the team left.

Thursday, April 2, 2076
Late Afternoon
Killroy took Void and Bookie to Daylilies of the Shire to scope out security and make suggestions.  Bookie scanned their Matrix security and found it surprisingly tight.  Void, after walking the property herself, found the physical security to also be in very good condition.  Sitting in the conference room (made available to them as part of their contract), they discussed what further steps might be taken.  Void suggested a second smart-linked gun platform up against the wall and pointing back, perhaps concealed to appear as construction material, to catch any attackers by surprise and put them in a crossfire.  Killroy agreed to this.

Killroy contacted Leona, his arms dealer contact, and placed an order with for a second smart-firing gun platform.  She located one and agreed to deliver it to Killroy on Sunday.

[This is as far as things got due to Ludovic’s Hell, which I’ll be writing up next.  It was an increasingly messy spiral of destruction and death with major, metroplex-wide effects.]

End of Run

[So the players were expecting this to be a high-karma run and were willing to accept a relatively small amount of cash as a result.  That is metagaming and I wrote this job knowing the players would accept a charity run for lots of karma without asking too many questions.]

[That’s not what this job was at all.]

[If the players had investigated at all, they would have learned that Daylilies of the Shire was a front and not part of the MoM network of metahuman rescue facilities.  It was a Yakuza bunraku surgery center, turning stolen teens and pre-teens into meat-puppets for the sex trade.  The “Humanis” attackers were actually another group of shadowrunners attempting to rescue family members and burn the place down.  This was a “dirty-dog” job that could sully the PCs reputations if anyone ever learns they were involved.  It is also possible that the Yakuza might try to use this as leverage with the Pleiades Group in the future.  Depends on how mean I feel.  Or how crazy the Yakuza get.  We’ll see.]

The other jobs are:

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