Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Session Report – Woodchipper – Overview

This “run” was unusual in that, instead of a single large job, there were originally 11 jobs.  The Fin’s player wanted to branch out into becoming a fixer and so seeded the Dark Matrix with ads, offering discreet intervention services.  As a result, a series of smaller jobs for a variety of client types appeared, right on top of each other, all due sometime in the next week or two (with one exception).  This necessitated a wider pool of shadowrunners, including the players’ secondary characters.

Once I had rolled out Job Nine in two days of contacts, I realized that I’d probably bitten off more than I could chew in a timely fashion.  Additionally, with the press of jobs, the big-ticket, show-case job where the players had an in-game month to complete for big money was being lost in the weeds.  As a result, I skipped handing out Job Eight as it was derivative of an earlier run.  I then dropped Jobs Ten and Eleven – they were not going to show up until later in the month and I’ll just recycle them for a later run.  Finally, I talked with the players and deferred the big-ticket job: Monkey Burger 3.  Monkey Burger 3 (MB3) ties into the metaplot and is large enough the players should have time to get creative, so pulling that to be the next run was an easy sell.

This left a total of 7 jobs, each with different requirements and each with a different mix of runners involved.  As a result, I’m going to post a summary of each job individually instead of chronologically.  Void and Bookie will appear in most of the jobs as their skill sets were very much in demand.  This led to Bookie notably running out of Edge several times.

The Jobs are:

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