Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Session Report – Woodchipper – Job Two: Aquamatics Schematics

[This job mostly happened May 2nd.  It is not the only thing that happened during this game session, but Bookie’s player took an innovative short-cut to getting the job done.]

PCs Involved
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant


Monday, March 30, 2076
The Fin received a call at 9:30 AM from Shisou Tomodachi (one of Void’s contacts and someone The Fin had done business with before), asking for a meet at Marfreles, a discrete bar in the Kent neighborhood of Renton.  The Fin was still getting dressed, trying to make the 10:00 AM meeting with Zeus in the East Renton Highlands.  Quickly calculating the drive times, she agreed to meeting Tomodachi-san at 11:00 AM.  She then proceeded to her meeting with Zeus (see Job One: ZAT SIN Codes).

11:00 AM – Marfreles
Marfreles was literally just opening to the public when The Fin walked in at 11:00 AM on the dot.  The bar had low lighting, played classical music at a high enough volume that hearing other people’s conversations is nigh impossible [without a quality Select Sound Filter in your cyberear], and had, instead of chairs and tables, plush couches and low coffee tables.  Sitting at a round [rare] booth under the stairs to the upper balcony was Shisou Tomodachi, already deep in business.  [Being a regular has its privileges.]

After ordering a drink at the bar, The Fin walked over to Tomodachi’s table.  He noticed her approach and unhurriedly shutdown the various AR windows he had open.  The Fin noticed the crisp blink of static as she entered the area of a white noise generator hidden at the table.  [Normally the white noise generator would be redundant in a club with loud music, even classical music, but a select sound filter can filter out the music, making the white noise generator a back-up for privacy.]

After exchanging pleasantries, Tomodachi stated his client “requests the complete schematics of the Aquamatics plant in Cairo.  There is some urgency as the job needs to be completed by Friday [April 3rd].  Payment will be made upon delivery of the schematics to me.  The job pays 30,000¥ with a bonus for not tipping off Aquamatics.”  The Fin haggled the base fee up to 32,000¥ due to the short timeline, but accepted the job otherwise.

After the meeting (and some very necessary lunch), The Fin contacted Bookie and, after clarifying this was a job separate from the one Void would be talking with him about later, explained the job and its payout of 28,000¥, plus a potential bonus for being quiet.  Bookie accepted the job, even though he wasn’t certain where he’d get the schematics.  He’d need to think about it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2076
After drinking it over, er, “thinking” it over, Bookie came to the conclusion he didn’t have enough information to actually track down the data.  What he did have was paydata swiped from Ares during a previous run [see Urban Surfin’, Session 5] and Rick, a contact who ran a datahaven.  Bookie headed over to Rick’s Café Americain on the Matrix.  In the entry vestibule Bookie reset his icon to the 1940’s dress code and the black and white color palette required for entry.

Inside, back in the casino area, sitting at a table playing chess with himself was Rick.  [Yes, he does look like Bogart.]  Bookie walked over and was recognized by Rick.   Rick waved Bookie over into a seat.  “Whatta ya’ got, kid?”

Bookie explained he wanted to swap some Ares paydata for the complete schematics of the Aquamatics plant in Cairo.  Rick’s icon pulled out a small black book from an interior jacket pocket and thumbed through it.  After a moment he said, “I’ve got the goods, kid.  Is your half up to the bargain?”  Bookie slid some folded up papers across the table for Rick to look at [data packets being rendered as folded pages inside the datahaven].  Rick partly opened the papers and politely scanned just the headers.  Rick gave a little smile before wiping it from his mouth with the back of a hand.  “Yeah, kid.  This should do nicely.  In fact, I think I owe you one.”  Rick pulled a page out of his little notebook, folded it, and placed a poker chip on top of it.  “Here’s what you’re looking for and hold onto the chip until you want to call it in.”  Bookie took both.  After a quick glance at the data he thanked Rick and left.

Once clear of the datahaven and with his icon reset to normal, Bookie contacted The Fin and told her he had the schematics she asked for.  He sent her the file and she forwarded it along to Tomodachi.  A little over an hour later, the 32,000¥ pay arrived in The Fin’s Pleiades Group account, followed several hours later by the 10,000¥ bonus.  The Fin forwarded 28,000¥ plus 6,000¥ as a bonus to Bookie, who was very satisfied with the large pay for the little effort.

End of Run

[While the players know that The Fin’s player is shaving money off the job pay, they also know this is not unusual for fixers to do and have no problems with it.  Their characters might feel a little different if they learned of it, but The Fin keeps bringing in the jobs and the pay, so they have no reason to argue about it.]

[Technically, Ludovic’s Hell is the next job taken chronologically, but it lasts almost the entire span of the Woodchipper, so I’m going to do it last.  I’m not certain this is the best way to do it, but you’ll see the escalation of events more clearly.  For similar reasons, MoM Defense, which is contracted after that is moved out of sequence as it both lasts longer than the other jobs and is the shortest due to events in Ludovic’s Hell.  Therefore, the next job to be written up is The Mendoza Hit.]

The other jobs are:


The Mendoza Hit
Yak Money
MoM Defense
Ludovic’s Hell (A.K.A., “Well that escalated quickly”)

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