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Shadowrun Report – Monkey Business – Session 02

[This session happened on March 23, 2015.  The beginning of the run.  I’m switching to a timeline approach to keep things straight.  It started off easy in this session, but during Session 3 chaos took over.]

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

NPC’d Characters

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm


Team 1: Void and Killroy
Team 2: The Fin and Murdoc
Team 3: Sin and Bookie

Monday, December 9, 2075, ~5:00PM

Teams 1 and 2 needed vehicles to do their parts of the run, so they went to get some.  True to their own forms, each team went about this in their own manner.  Team 1 took the straightforward path and boosted a parked Toyota Supra.  They considered it flashy enough to not be flagged in Bellevue as questionable by the police and not so flashy that it would be memorable in Renton.  The Fin on the other hand, would not stoop to using a used car for the run and so she went to an exotic car dealership and conned the salesman into allowing an unsupervised test-drive with a full tank of gas in a Bugati Ultra Sport convertible.  Posh indeed.

6:00PM, Various locations

All three teams hit their designated first target.

Team 1:
Void and Killroy parked in back of the flagship Monkey Burger! in Medina.  Stepping unnoticed through the drive-through line to the back door (a neat trick when carrying a 4-foot long chainsaw), Void picked the maglock in under 10 seconds.  [She attempted to roll for it at first and then realized she could buy the necessary successes in two rounds in an extended test.]  Once the door was open, Kilroy pushed through to the small cubby near the back door where the rear security guard (who had noticed them on the monitors) was just getting up from his chair.  A short burst of “stick-and-shock” ammo from his silenced assault rifle (named “Vera” of course), and the guard went down unconscious.

Checking to see if they’d been noticed, Void and Killroy were pleased to see that the noise from the extremely busy kitchen area had covered them.  Killroy stepped into the kitchen area and called out, “Everyone!  Step away from the stoves!”  This was barely noticed.  What got the attention of the employees was Void starting up the chainsaw and revving it several times.

With eyes as big as sauces the employees scrambled out of her way as she attacked one of the cooking ranges, sending sparks and partially-cooked burgers flying.  One she was satisfied the range was out of commission, she went after one of the refrigerator/worktable units [cold drawers under a work station for assembling burgers].  This time lettuce and tomatos were sprayed across the ceiling as she cut through it.

Just as the front security guard started to respond to the screaming from the kitchen area, Void and Killroy quickly exited through the back door and left the premises.

Elapsed Time: ~2 minutes
Time to next location: 14 minutes

Team 2:
The Fin and Murdoc, using physical mask, presented themselves at the back door of the flagship Monkey Burger! in Yarrow Point as health inspectors.  Due to the busy-ness of the kitchen, the manager was distracted enough to accept their story and pawned them off onto an assistant.  [The assistant was a youth whose voice was still breaking.  Me doing his voice nearly derailed the game due to laughter as none of the players had never heard me do that voice before.  Yes, I do voices for some of the NPCs.]  Under the guise of “inspecting the equipment” Murdoc used lightning bolt to completely wreck a refrigerator/worktable and one of the ranges, much to the dismay of the young assistant.

As the assistant went to go get the manager, Murdoc and The Fin slipped out the back door and drove away.

Elapsed Time: 9 minutes
Time to next location: 16 minutes

Team 3:
Rather than go in himself, Sin sent in one of his Ares Duelist drones, armed with dual katana blades, into the flagship Monkey Burger! in Central.  Marching in through the front doors, the duelist scattered the people standing in line and alerted the guard in the corner something was up.  The guard drew his pistol on the drone and ordered it to halt.  Sin responded by sending in Susan, his Steel Lynx combat drone.  Susan smashed through the front doors and brought her mounted machine gun to bear on the guard.  This got his full and undivided attention.  A short firefight ensued.

The guard scored a solid hit on Susan, but the drone’s machine gun hit him several times across his armored jacket and knocked him unconscious.  During this brief firefight, the duelist drone hacked away at the target equipment, which took much longer than desired, but was quick enough that both drones left the building before the guard in the rear security station could get his armored jacket on and into the kitchen.

Elapsed Time: 2 minutes
Time to next location: 5 minutes

[NOTE: all locations after this are T-shaped buildings with dual drive-through lanes, one on each side of the building.  There is no interior seating at these locations, although there is a walk-up window at the front, where the bar crosses the T.]

6:07PM, Central
Team 3 arrived at the other Monkey Burger! location in Central.  Not wanting to endanger his drones or anyone inside with another firefight [The Fin was insistent that no people get killed – only equipment], Sin instead drove Susan (now armed with APDS ammo) around to the side of the building and shot out the range on the other side, using a drone inside to time the attack so no one was in the line of fire.  He then drove Susan out of there before the lone guard in the golf cart up front could respond.

Elapsed Time: 3 minutes
Time to next location: 20 minutes

6:16PM, Newport
Void and Killroy arrived and decided to change tactics slightly.  As they only needed to take out a single cooking range [smaller location = lower ceiling on allowed damage], using the chainsaw was not necessary.  They walked up to the “Employees Only” door on the side of the building and Void quickly picked the lock.  Killroy stepped in and fired a short burst from Vera (now loaded with APDS ammo) into a cooking range, destroying it.  Killroy and Void then quickly walked away while the security guard was trying to determine what all the screaming was about.

Elapsed Time: 2 minutes
Time to next location: 12 minutes

6:23PM, in route
While on his way to his next target, Sin received a call from Kaylee, his mechanic contact – she needed to call in a favor for some friends.  Her friends were doing a run at a museum in Central and their ride was picked up by Knight Errant, who were unexpectedly presenting a heavy presence in the area.  Something about attacks on a couple fast food places in the area.  They needed someone to come pick them up immediately before Knight Errant noticed they were in the (very closed) museum and Sin owed Kaylee several favors.  Not in a position to argue, Sin agreed to go pick them up, telling Kaylee he’d be at the address in about 20 minutes, depending on how heavy the police presence was.

6:24PMin route
Sin called The Fin and told her he was going to be delayed on getting his next locations in order to repay a favor to Kaylee.  The Fin was frustrated about this, but Kaylee had really come through for them during the previous run, so The Fin OK’d the change of plan.  She arranged for Team 1 to pick up Sin’s last two locations, Kent and Fircrest.  Void and Killroy were OK with this as their route was the shortest and they were already planning on picking up the Fircrest location anyway.

6:25PM, Bothell
Murdoc wanted to try something different, so when The Fin drove the Bugati [now disguised as a Lotus by way of a physical mask spell] into one of the drive-through lines, he turned himself invisible and got out of the car.  Murdoc then walked up to the Employees Only and attempted to use lightning bolt to fry the maglock.  Instead, he over did the power and WELDED the door shut.  [He critically glitched the roll.]

Luckily, no one inside immediately noticed.  When The Fin got to the front of the line, Murdoc stepped up, held the to-go window open, and then cast lightning bolt over the cashier’s shoulder at the two refrigerator/worktable units that he could see.  This fried the units and scared the be-geebuz out of the cashier.  Murdoc then fell back into the car, his head landing in The Fin’s lap.  The Fin stomped on the gas and got them out of there.

Elapsed Time: 4 minutes
Time to next location: 18 minutes

End of Session

[Color quote of the session:
The Fin: “You what!?”
Murdoc: “Well, I am high…”]

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