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Shadowrun Report – Monkey Business – Session 03, Part 1

[This session happened on March 30, 2015.  Due to the large amount of things covered, I’ve divided this session into two parts.]

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently assault rifles)
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

NPC’d Characters

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm


Team 1: Void and Killroy
Team 2: The Fin and Murdoc
Team 3: Sin and Bookie

Monday, December 9, 2075 (Continued)

6:30PM, Issaquath
Having worked out a solid method of achieving their goals, Void and Killroy stuck with it.  They quietly stepped up to the Employees Entrance and Void picked the lock in a little less than 6 seconds.  Killroy stepped into the noisy kitchen area and fired the silenced Vera (his favorite assault rifle) at the cooking range, quickly destroying it.  As the Monkey Burger! employees were trying to figure out what was happening, Killroy and Void slipped away into the night.

Elapsed Time: 1 minute
Time to next location: 34 minutes

6:41PM, Central
Sin arrived back in Central, barely a half-hour after hitting both Monkey Burger! in the neighborhood.  Knight Errant presence is wide-spread and very noticeable.  Playing it cool, Sin drove to the Pratt Fine Arts Center on Grid Guide, letting the automated driving system handle everything.  Once there he pulled into the loading dock and called the number Kaylee had supplied.  After a terse conversation, four people exited the art center’s rear doors and piled into the back of Sin’s GMC Bulldog step-van demanding that he leave NOW.  As Sin calmly pulled out of the parking lot, he could see flashing lights go off inside the art center and in the near distance hear police sirens start up.  Sin realized that whatever his passengers had been doing to keep the alarms from going off had stopped and now was the time to get out of the area, pronto.  He stepped on the gas and, through some creative driving, was nowhere to be seen when the police surveillance drones converged on the art center.

Elapsed Time: 9 minute
Time to next location: 28 minutes

6:47PM, Aurora Village
With their Bugatti now disguised as an electric blue Lamborghini, The Fin and Murdoc went through one of the drive-through lines at their target, ordering a pair of Jungle Meals™.  Murdoc himself was physically masked as a businessman in a bowler with no face, while The Fin was wearing the earring that makes the wearer look like Mr. Green Mohawk from the previous run.  Once they were at the window, the cashier turned to get their payment for the food and paused when she saw no face on Murdoc.  Before she could do anything else, Murdoc stood up in the seat, held the window open, and fired a lightning bolt past her and through the two refrigerator/workstations behind her.  They both exploded, showering a hail of condiments and sides across the kitchen.  The Fin stomped on the gas and Team 2 took off.

Elapsed Time: 8 minutes
Time to next location: 11 minutes

7:05PM, Thomas
Void and Killroy arrived at their target in the Thomas neighborhood of Renton and noticed that there were additional Monkey Burger! security goons on site, along with a second golf cart for them to move around in.  Two of the new goons were stationed at the front of the drive through lanes, one per lane, and the other two in the additional golf cart, sitting in front of the building.  Luckily, the goons were scrutinizing the people in the vehicles in the drive through lanes to the exclusion of all else.  This allowed Void and Killroy to easily approach on foot at an angle where the building hid them from all of the security goons.  Repeating their tactics from Issaquath, they were in and out in less than 15 seconds, leaving startled employees and a destroyed cooking range in their wake.  Their next stop was picking up one of Sin’s locations across the border in the Tacoma part of Kent.

Elapsed Time: 1 minutes
Time to next location: 15 minutes

7:06PM, Northgate
The Fin and Murdoc arrived at the Northgate Monkey Burger! only to discover the elevated security.  As the new security goons were positioned to stop exactly what this team was planning on doing, they took some time to look the place over before approaching.  Not feeling they had much more in the way of options, they entered the drive through lane again, this time with their Bugatti disguised as a Madagascar Orange Aston Martin Vanquish Volante.  They ordered four banana shakes and then somewhat impatiently waited in line.

Murdoc noticed the security goon at the front of this line giving him the stink eye.  [Murdoc was wearing the same physical mask disguise to avoid having to cast the spell again and the goon noticed this.]  Murdoc casted mana bolt at the goon, but it took a second mana bolt to knock the goon out.  The driver in the car in front of them noticed the guard slump and started getting out of his car to see what happened, so Murdoc cast lightning bolt at a nearby tree to encourage the driver to instead leave immediately.  The driver was convinced and, covered in splintered tree, got back in his car and peeled out, temporarily drawing the attention of the other security goons.

The Fin drove her car up to the now cleared pick-up window.  All of the employees inside were down on the ground seeking cover.  Murdoc could see the four banana shakes sitting by the closed window and attempted to slide the window open.  Unfortunately he could not get a good grip on the smooth exterior of the window and it wouldn't open.  The cashier, however, had noticed his efforts and reached up from cover to slide the lock closed.  This frustrated Murdoc very much – he wanted those banana shakes!

Deciding that expediency was the order of the day, he cast lightning bolt on the part of the window away from the shakes, shattering all the glass, but drawing the attention of the security goons.  Standing in the passenger seat, he cast lightning bolt a second time, this time at the refrigerator/workstations in the kitchen area while grabbing one of the nearby banana shakes.  The security goons moved to flank the car The Fin and Murdoc were in, so The Fin decided to floor the gas and get out of there immediately.  The goons fired submachine guns at Murdoc, who was still standing in the passenger seat, trying to maintain his balance and avoid spilling the banana shake at the same time.  Through some form of miracle, the goons missed Murdoc, Murdoc was able to slide down into the seat, and the shake was not spilled.  In celebration, Murdoc quaffed the shake [which was similar to drinking the shake, but got more on him].

As the two of them drove away, Murdoc informed The Fin that he was very drained from all the magic he’d been casting and maintaining.  There was a very good chance that he might knock himself out at the next location, possibly before the objective was destroyed.  Not liking those prospects, The Fin called Prometheus to see if he was available yet.  Prometheus said he would be shortly – where did she need him.  The Fin gave him the address of the Monkey Burger! in Greenwood.  After a pause, Prometheus replied, “I’m already there.”

Prometheus was working an overwatch job where he provided sniper cover during a street-business meeting happening at the Monkey Burger! in Greenwood.  Prometheus asked The Fin to delay her arrival by five minutes so she would arrive after 7:30, which is when his current job would be over.  The Fin agreed.

Elapsed Time: 10 minutes
Time to next location: 10 minutes + a 5-minute delay

7:18PM, Riverton
Sin, Bookie, and the passengers arrived at the Riverton Monkey Burger!, where security now also included the extra golf cart with four additional security goons.  Sin moved to the back of the truck and prepped his two Duelists and “Susan” for the attack.  The passenger team’s Face, Paco, spoke up and said, “When you said you had to go knock over a Monkey Burger!, I thought it was an euphemism for buying a lot of food.  What are you doing interrupting the run for this?”  Sin’s response was, “This is what I was doing when you interrupted me for a pick up.”  This was hard to argue against.

Sin sent in the three drones from an obscured parking lot near the Monkey Burger! and commanded them to stealth up to the side entrance from the rear.  The Duelists got into position first, but one of them was seen by the security goon watching that drive through line.  The guards moved to flanking positions to attack what they thought was one drone, so Sin orders both Duelists to attack, pushing the fight to out in front of the restaurant.  This provided an excellent distraction, allowing Susan to get into position.  Susan then shot through the side wall, into the cooking range on the other side with “her” machine gun.  While that happened, the security goons downed one of the two Duelists and started working on the second one.  Sin wasted no time issuing a recall order and both drones sped back to the panel van, dodging gunfire.  Once both remaining drones were in the vehicle, Sin drove away, avoiding being seen entirely.

Elapsed Time: 3 minutes
Time to next location: 12 minutes

End of Part 1

[Color quote of the session: blue-nosed, tea-totaling The Fin talking to Murdoc, who is starting to feel the strain from all the magic he’s been casting:

“Isn’t there another drug you could take for that?”]

Session 1

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