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Shadowrun Report – Monkey Business – Session 03, Part 2

[This session happened on March 30, 2015.  This is Part 2 of Session 3.]

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently submachineguns)
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

NPC’d Characters

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm


Team 1: Void and Killroy
Team 2: The Fin and Murdoc
Team 3: Sin and Bookie

Monday, December 9, 2075

7:21PM, Kent (Tacoma)

Void and Killroy arrived at the Monkey Burger! location in the Tacoma part of Kent to find the increased number of security goons were here and deployed differently.  Instead of being all up at the front, the second golf cart was deployed so it could see the side door directly.  This meant Void and Killroy could not approach the door unobserved.  Needing a new way to enter the building, they contacted Sin and asked him to send one of the Fly-Spies with them to check out the roof.  Sin was a bit busy (his drones had just been in a fire fight and he was attempting to leave the vicinity undetected), but after a moment the Fly-Spy on Killroy’s shoulder activated and flew over the building.  The video showed the roof was flat with A/C and ventilation machinery on top, but also a skylight over the food-prep area.

Void and Killroy stealthed up to the back of the building (where they were least likely to be seen) and quickly got onto the roof.  [Void simply ran up the side of the wall and then assisted Killroy up.]  Staying in a crouch to avoid being seen, they moved to the front of the building where the skylight was located.  The skylight was translucent, but Killroy’s cybereyes had thermographic capabilities, so he was able to easily locate the hot cooking range below them.  A short burst from Vera and the range was no longer operational.

Void and Killroy moved to the back of the building to leave.  Void jumped down to the ground and started to move away, only to discover that the first golf cart had moved to cover the back of the building.  The lone security goon had spotted Void and started to call it in.  Sadly for him, he missed seeing Killroy, who fired two quick shots from his pistol, “Steve”, knocking the guard out with Stick-n-Shock ammunition.  While the other goons were busy calling over the radio for the first goon to report his location, Void and Killroy quickly left the area.

Elapsed Time: 7 minutes
Time to next location: 26 minutes

7:31PM, Greenwood
The Fin and Murdoc arrived in the Greenwood neighborhood and parked across the street from the Monkey Burger! so they could contact Prometheus.  In addition to more security goons at this location, a Knight Errant patrol car was parked in front of the restaurant.  Prometheus was nowhere to be seen.  The Fin called him and he responded he was now available as his previous client had just left the area, all he needed was a target.  The Fin identified the target as one of the cooking ranges inside the building, about three meters to the left of the side door.  Prometheus said he needed to move to make the shot and would call back shortly.

After a minute or so, two small explosions seemed to happen inside the restaurant as Prometheus fired twice into the cooking range with his Remington 950 loaded with APDS ammunition.  The Fin’s phone then rang.  It was Prometheus asking if The Fin needed anything else.  She sent him the last two addresses on her list, explaining that Murdoc was drained and needed to rest for an hour before being able to cast again.  Prometheus asked if the targets were the same and The Fin confirmed they were.  Prometheus then agreed to take care of them.  The Fin then took Murdoc to a nearby park (at his request) to allow him to recover from the drain he was suffering.

Elapsed Time: 8 minutes
Time to next location: 14 minutes

7:35PM, SEA-TAC Airport
Sin arrived at the Private Pilot’s entrance to SEA-TAC, where his passengers and their cargo disembarked.  They exchanged contact information with Sin and agreed to deposit his share of the money when they delivered the cargo and got paid.

Elapsed Time: 2 minutes
Time to next location: 8 minutes

7:45PM, SEA-TAC Neighborhood
Sin and Bookie arrived at the SEA-TAC area Monkey Burger!, where they found a full-on SWAT van parked in front and SWAT officers in evidence in addition to the extra security goons.  After looking over the scene, Sin backed his vehicle into a parking spot facing side of the Monkey Burger! opposite the side entrance.  Sin then asked Bookie if he thought he could hack the controls of a Knight Errant SWAT van.  Bookie said he was willing to find out.

[Start cinematic description mode]

The camera is focused on the Knight Errant symbol on the driver’s door of the SWAT van.  The camera pans up slightly and then focuses in on the door’s locking mechanism.  With a sudden “thunk”, the locks all engage at once.  A muffled voice from inside the SWAT van can just be heard to say “Did you hear something?”  The camera view shifts to the dashboard controls inside the van which suddenly light up.  The engine start sequence displays and the engine comes to life.

Then the sirens start blaring and all of the lights on the van start flashing.

CUT TO the back of Sin’s panel van.  The rear doors slowly open, exposing Susan machinegun barrel.

CUT TO looking from inside of the van, over Susan’s barrel as it adjusts its aim on the Monkey Burger!  On the right side of the shot the SWAT van can be seen peeling out in reverse, lights and sirens blaring.

CUT TO one of the security golf carts, facing towards the front of the restaurant.  The two security goons are looking at the SWAT van as it rapidly backs up.  Their expressions of confusion turn to horror as the van turns, aiming right at them and accelerating!

CUT BACK TO the shot over Susan’s barrel.  Police and security goons are just starting to chase after the SWAT van when Susan’s machine gun fires!  Everyone in view dives for cover as the machine gun rapidly chews a hole in the side of the restaurant.

CUT TO interior of the Monkey Burger! as the fryer units explode into sparks and parts, a short fountain of cooking oil shoots up from both fryers and then splatters on the destroyed machinery.

CUT BACK TO exterior shot of the back of Sin’s van.  Susan slowly withdraws and the doors silently swing shut.

CUT TO shot from above Sin’s van, looking back towards the restaurant.  The van exits the bottom of the scene while in the background chaos erupts at the Monkey Burger!.  There are the sounds of gunfire, screams, and the SWAT van can just be seen pursuing a golf cart full of security goons who are shooting at the SWAT van.


[End cinematic description mode]

Elapsed Time: 4 minutes
Team 3 done for the evening.

7:54PM, Fircrest
Void and Killroy arrived at the Fircrest Monkey Burger! to find not only the additional security goons, but four Knight Errant police cruisers spaced evenly around the restaurant.  Officers in body armor are standing at the drive through entries, checking vehicles.  There are several news drones circling the restaurant and small crowds stand across the two adjacent streets, waiting for something to happen.  [This location is on a corner, inside the parking lot of a retail strip center.]

Killroy decided to go a little Rube Goldberg due to the situation.  He had Void drive their car into the alley behind the strip center.  There he climbed up onto the roof and set one of his smart-linked machine pistols on the front ledge of the roof, pointing at an adjacent restaurant, minus its silencer.

He and Void then drove across the street to the side of the Monkey Burger! and parked in the gas station there with a clear view of the side wall of the Monkey Burger!, right were the cooking range was on the inside.  Killroy them loaded Vera with APDS ammunition, but kept Vera low so the crowd standing around would not see it.  He then triggered the machine pistol through the smart-link.

The sound of the machine pistol firing drew the attention and fire from all of the police officers and the security goons.  The combined fire quickly turned the front of the greeting card store into an excellent approximation of Swiss cheese.  The watching crowd cried out in excitement and immediately started taking pictures and video with their commlinks.

With everyone else in the area now looking at the greeting card store [or rather, the remains thereof], Killroy eased Vera out the car window and fired a silenced long burst at the Monkey Burger! wall, right where the cooking range was.  Seeing the shots blow through, Void quickly pulled out of the gas station parking just as nearby potential witnesses were realizing where the real action was.

Elapsed Time: 8 minutes
Team 1 done for the evening.

7:58PM, a park in Downtown
The Fin received a call from Prometheus.  Prometheus asked if he was allowed to shoot through someone to do the job.  Before answering, The Fin asked why.  The restaurant was in the University District of Downtown and the local fraternities, having heard of the Monkey Burger! attacks on the news had decided to protect their favorite eating location with a wall of fraternity brothers.  The location had nearly 200 people in fraternity shirts from most of the fraternities on the local campuses and according to Prometheus, “They keep standing in my way.”  The Fin explained, in small words, that Prometheus was not allowed to shoot through anyone to complete the job and that doing so would negate the pay for the job.  Prometheus acknowledged her instructions before hanging up.

[Prometheus had to move to a different location to make the shot, but did so.  This happened “off camera” as Prometheus was an NPC at this point, so no details.]

Elapsed Time: 10 minutes
Time to next location: 4 minutes

8:12PM, a park in Downtown
The Fin received another call from Prometheus while re was waiting for Murdoc to recover.  Prometheus reported there was an issue with the final location – it was on fire.  So were two golf carts.  Plus there was a mob of students yelling and chanting things like “Long live the Revolution!” and “Down with corporate excess!”.  As a result, Prometheus was not certain what to do.

After thinking on it a moment, The Fin ordered Prometheus to leave it alone – the job was done for the night.

Elapsed Time: 2 minutes
Team 2 done for the evening.

End of Session

[It was late when we got to this point, so we saved the wrap-up until the next session.]

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