Thursday, December 8, 2011

More War of the Mecha

 Here are a few more rules bits for use with War of the Mecha.  I'm working on these in my spare time or to take a break from other things I'm doing.  Enjoy!

Dropping Mecha
Mecha can be air-dropped over an area by dropships (as opposed to the dropship landing and them walking off). This requires the mecha pilot to select a target hex and make a Piloting roll. A failed roll does falling damage at one level of elevation per point roll is missed by. Additionally, the mecha scatters one hex point the roll was missed by, with a failure by five or more indicating the mecha missed the map and is destroyed for the purposes of the scenario. The direction of scatter is determined by rolling 1d6, with “1” being north and counting clockwise around the target hex.
Dropped mecha land during movement, but cannot attack the turn they land. They may be targeted for attacks at +1 to the roll.

Mecha Lifting Capabilities
Mecha with a functioning arm may carry things (usually objectives of some sort). The maximum capacity is based on mecha size.

Mecha Size
Lifting Max.
3 tons
5 tons
7 tons
9 tons

A mecha taking its first critical hit to the arm while carrying an object has a 50-50 chance of hitting the arm carrying the item. Roll 1d6: on a 4-6, the arm carrying the item is hit and the item is dropped. If the mecha takes its second critical hit while carrying an item, the item is automatically dropped.

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