Monday, December 5, 2011

Additions to War of the Mecha

[So I'm messing around with the War of the Mecha rules, a simplified set of rules for playing BattleTech. The original rules fit on one side of a single page and cover the basics. I've come up with some rules for interacting with buildings and here they are. I haven't play-tested them yet, but will soon. Leave me a comment if you beat me to it so I know how they play.]

Patrick’s Additions #1
Mecha can move into or onto a building. If the building can support it, a mecha can jump to the roof or climb onto a Level 1 or 2 building. If the building cannot support the mecha, the building collapses and the mecha falls, taking falling damage (1d6 damage per size class of the mecha) plus 1d6 damage per level of the building’s elevation. Mecha can enter the upper levels of buildings from the roofs of adjacent buildings.

Moving into a building causes a Piloting roll, modified by building type and distance moved so far that turn. Exiting a building requires an additional roll. On a successful roll, the mecha takes no damage, but the building take 1d6 damage per size category of the mecha. On a failed roll, the mecha takes damage equal to the buildings current SP, but does not fall.

MP Cost
Piloting Mod.
Light mecha only
Medium mecha or lighter
Heavy mecha or lighter
Assault mecha or lighter
Piloting Roll Mod. For Movement: -1 for 1-4 hexes, -2 for 5-8 hexes, and -3 for 9+ hexes

Buildings may be shot at, providing a +4 bonus for being immobile. Buildings reduced to 0 SP collapse into rubble. Mecha inside a building that collapses takes 1d6 damage per category of the building times the levels of the building above the mecha (so a mecha in the ground floor of an elevation 4 hardened building takes 16d6 damage when it collapses).  Mecha on the roof or an upper floor also suffers falling damage.


  1. @ JB: Thanks! I have a handful of other rules bits to add as I type them up (basements, mecha lifting capacities, air-dropping mecha).

    I think I'm going to re-work the infantry into something a bit more...realistic for the lack of a better term. I'm thinking of giving mechanized infantry powered battle harnesses that provide the faster movement and the capability to carry lasers (2d4 or 2d6) and SRM-equivalents (1d6 or 1d8) while regular infantry only get rifles (1 point) and machineguns (1d4). Still mulling over the damage amounts and such.

  2. I've never liked the FASA buildings rules. I'd like to see something more in-line with the streamlined rules of War of the Mecha and with anime in general.

    I've got some ideas on melee weapons.

  3. @John: What changes would you make from the above? What parts do you feel aren't more streamlined? I would very much like specific feedback on this as I plan on using these rules this weekend. Thank you for your feedback.