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Ratpack – Session 18

[The Ratpack starts the hunt for Creepylegs.]

[This game uses the Pathfinder 1E roleplaying game.  Game sessions happen once a week.  This session happened March 16, 2020.]

[SPOILERS!  If you are likely to adventure through the Shattered Star Adventure Path from Paizo, this campaign will contain a lot of spoilers.]

Player Characters
Marativy – female ratfolk 3rd level Ninja
Templeton von Trapp – male ratfolk 3rd level Summoner (Synthesist)
Roscuro – male ratfolk 3rd level Monk
Zitch Grimreaper – male 3rd level Witch with a donkey rat (capybara) familiar
Winston – male 3rd level Gunslinger

Day 13
After spending the night sleeping in the Tower Girls’ common room [so they could keep an eye on the over-sized siccarite doors to the lower levels], the Ratpack was somewhat refreshed and Marativy and Winston had new insights [both finally leveled].  The ratfolk discussed their plans over a small breakfast and then headed down into the sub-levels.

After walking down to the first sub-level and through mite territory, the Ratpack took the stairs down to the second sub-level, looking for “Creepylegs,” the pet of the Mite King.  The stairs ended at the corner of two corridors.  The corridor south led to thick webs, while the corridor west had webs that gradually thinned out.  Not wanting to accidentally kill the Mite King’s pet spider by burning out the webs, the group decided to explore west first.

The west passage led to a 30x30 ft room with a passage out in the center of each wall.  There were also 4 dog-sized spiders that were hostile.  Despite Zitch casting Mage Armor on him, Roscuro was the only ratfolk bitten by the spiders during the fight.  Once the spiders were dead, Zitch cast his healing hex on Roscuro.  Winston harvested 4 doses of spider poison for Marativy’s use.  Marativy was able to identify the spiders as giant crab spiders, which were different from the spiders the mites had on the previous level.

The Ratpack searched the room and found nothing of value or interest in the room.  Looking down the other three hallways, they discovered that they were cell blocks for some sort of prison.  The north and west passages had 5 cells each while the south passage had 6.  Using that as a differentiation, the Ratpack searched the south passage first.

The Ratpack searched the hallway for traps first, discovering none, but finding the third cell occupied by what Marativy identified as a sinspawn.  Marativy shared what she knew about them.  The Ratpack guessed it had been trapped here for 7000 or so years and was clearly mad.  They decided to put the creature out of its misery.  It took three shots from Winston’s musket, made through the observation window in the stout door to kill it.  After killing the sinspawn, the Ratpack searched the hallway for secret doors.  Finding none, they searched the individual cells and find nothing.

The Ratpack searched the north passage next.  After spending over an hour searching the hallway and the cells, they found a single magic ring.  Zitch was able to identify it as a Ring of Ferocious Action, which protects against being sickened or staggered.  All agreed that Roscuro, who has been sickened most often, should wear it.

The Ratpack next searched the passage to the west.  This passage was longer than the other two and opened into a room at the far end.  The group searched the hallway and the cells before going further, but found nothing of value or interest.  The room at the end was also empty, but had a passage exiting to the south.  That passage had stairs down to a lower, larger chamber that was divided by iron bars into cells with a passage between them.  One of those cells contained another still active sinspawn!  The Ratpack had Winston shoot it through the bars to put it out of its misery.

Searching the large chamber, the Ratpack found aged and broken ancient torture devices.  To search the cells they had to break the bars as the doors were rusted solid.  In the north cell the group found a mouldering book.  Zitch cast Mending on the book and was able to save portions of the book.  The writing on the scraps was in Azlanti, which should fetch a good price with Frederick.  The rescued scraps were carefully packed away.

There were two passages out of the large chamber.  One was a hallway east that was accessible, the other a passage south on the other side of a barred area.  Not wanting to break those bars yet, the group went east.  That passage led to a circular room with a shallow basin in the center, filled with water.  The water was six inches deep and the basin had a mosaic of a swirling vortex at the bottom.  The basin radiated a faint conjuration magic when checked.  Testing the water, it was found to have a restorative effect.  Winston drank some of the water and recovered from the lingering effects of a spider bite from the previous day [it restored CON damage].  Roscuro drank the water and his remaining wounds were healed and the debilitating effects of spider poison in him was cured [Cure Light Wounds plus Lesser Restoration].  A search of the room turned up nothing but the basin of water.  Zitch and Marativy filled their waterskins with water from the basin and it retained its faint magical aura.

The only exit from the basin room was a passage south, which the Ratpack followed.  It turned a corner to head east again, and opened into a 20x20 ft. empty room with two passages out, one south and one east.  The Ratpack noticed that the spider webs resumed here and followed both passages.  Further, these webs seemed fresher than those previously discovered.  A search of the room turned up no secret doors.  Not yet ready to burn the webs, the group backtracked to the cages room.

In the cages room, the group broke into the barred area.  The lock here was still pickable and Marativy picked it, but the door was rusted in place.  The are beyond was searched and turned up nothing of interest.  The Ratpack took the passage south out of this area.  At an alcove the passage turned and angled south by south west before opening to a long rectangular room with passages out to the south and the east.  Based on the decayed bunks in the room, the group suspected this was once a barracks.

A search of the barracks turned up nothing useful.  The passage south was a stairwell to yet another sub-level [Sub-level 3 for those keeping track at home].  The east passage went 30 ft and opened to another chamber.  The Ratpack went east, not ready to start another sub-level while this one was not yet fully explored.

The passage opened to a damp grotto.  On a low pedestal was a mold-covered statue of Alaznist.  A quick Detect Magic from Zitch determined that the statue was not magical…but something on the ceiling was!  Looking up, the ratfolk discovered an eight-legged beast with a pouch attached to one of its legs – Creepylegs, the Mite King’s pet!  Creepylegs was actually a cave fisher, not a spider, and it attacked the group immediately.

The fight with the cave fisher was short but brutal.  The cave fisher used its filament to grapple Winston, prepatory to hauling him up to it.  Templeton distracted it by climbing the wall and ceiling up to it.  The cave fisher bit Templeton who then clawed and bit at the cave fisher.  Unfortunately, Templeton’s second claw attack went wide and he lost his grip on the ceiling.  In a last ditch lunge, Templeton ferociously bit the cave fisher and held on for dear life, dangling from it by his teeth!

[Templeton rolled a 1 for the second claw attack but rolled a crit for the following bite attack and this is how the Other GM interpreted the results.]

Winston, grappled by the filament but still able to shoot, did so, killing Creepylegs…who dropped to the floor below along with Templeton.  Templeton landed awkwardly and then had Creepylegs land on top of him, which significantly damaged his eidolon [reminder: Templeton is a Synthesist Summoner and merges with his eidolon when it is summoned, appearing as a ghostly Foo Dog, and the eidolon takes damage first].

With Creepylegs dead, the ratfolk searched the pouch on one of his legs.  It contained a Bracer of Armor that matched the one the Mite King used as a crown, 12 assorted rocks, and 23 assorted teeth.  The teeth and rocks were clearly worthless.  Roscuro frowned at this, suspecting that two of these worthless rocks were the “diamonds” the Mite King would try to reward them with.  The pouch was detached from the dead creature’s leg and tucked into the loot bag.  They would deal with the Mite King later.

The Ratpack searched the grotto for anything else of interest and discovered a secret door in the wall roughly behind the statue.  Behind that door was a narrow [for humans but not ratfolk] passage that wound roughly to the southeast until it ended.  A quick search turned up a second secret door, which was opened.  Beyond was a room with ancient crates and 6 animated skeletons!

End of Session

Rat Whispers
[Sorry for the slight delay in getting this post out.  Family issues reared up and I wasn’t able to get this done Monday night nor did we play.]

[I hope everyone is well and not too stir-crazy right now.  As a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, I’ve been enjoying most of the stay at home stuff.  I’m lucky enough to have a job that lets me work from home and I had a home office already set up before the shelter in place orders went into effect.  Templeton’s player works for a hospital as IT, so he’s had to attend via Roll20.  Laptop hardware has improved so much that the built-in microphone and speakers work fine and he can hear the rest of us.  The rest have been sheltered in place with family and the only place they go is my house for the game.  This has kept our potential for exposure to near zero but allowed some level of social interaction to stave off isolation and cabin fever.  My other gaming groups are not as lucky, so haven’t been meeting.]

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