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Ratpack – Session 08

[The Ratpack get a solid lead on Natalia that leads to a tense stand-off.]

[This game uses the Pathfinder 1E roleplaying game.  Game sessions happen once a week.  This session happened December 16, 2019.]

Player Characters
Winston – male 1st level Gunslinger
Roscuro – male ratfolk 2nd level Monk
Templeton von Trapp – male ratfolk 2nd level Summoner (Synthesist)
Zitch Grimreaper – male 2nd level Witch with a donkey rat (capybara) familiar

Day 6
Late Morning
The Ratpack got back together at the Blue Rodent and compared notes, Templeton sharing what the Watch Captain had told us.  Exhausted after being up all night, the Ratpack called it a day and retired to their respective homes to sleep.

7:00 PM
The Ratpack, much refreshed, met again at the Blue Rodent and discussed their options over dinner.  It was decided that investigating the Tower Girls seemed to be the best option.

9:00 PM
The Ratpack arrived at the abandoned warehouse the Tower Girls were rumored to be renting.  It was a squalid building in Underbridge, right on the water where trash collected in an eddy. At the entrance was a sign over a plate, asking for gifts.  Winston put 5 gold coins on the plate and the Ratpack waited.

After a short wait Fenster exited the building and asked the ratfolk what they wanted.  Roscuro explained they were looking for information about the Tower Girls.  Fenster says he has information to sell, but he wants proper gifts, not “shineys”.  Winston took back his 5 gold coins and replaced them with one shot worth of blackpowder.  Fenster accepted the black powder and invited the Ratpack inside to talk.

The interior is the museum collection of a magpie.  Odd little trinkets or broken off parts of things are on display on every flat surface.  The Ratpack explained to Fenster that they were looking for Natalia specifically.  Fenster thought about it and then said he had information to sell, but Natalia owed him back rent.  If they would bring him five “gifts” to cover her debt he would tell what he knew.  The Ratpack agreed and left.

With a wide selection of junk washed up on the shore in the immediate vicinity, the ratfolk started searching through it for “gifts” Fenster might accept.  Zitch was particularly adept at this, finding 3 solid candidates for “gifts.”  Winston located one and offered one of his shot balls.  Roscuro and Templeton failed to find anything usable, but Roscuro suggested the key to the third floor at the siege castle might work if one of the other “gifts” was declined.

Winston and Zitch heard the sound of a party or drinking going on nearby during the search and wanted to go investigate that in case it was the Tower Girls and Natalia.  Templeton requested they wait long enough for him to summon his eildolon before they left.  They agreed, handing over their “gifts” to Roscuro.

Once Templeton’s eidolon was summoned, Zitch and Winston left, stealthily searching for the party.  Roscuro and Templeton re-entered Fenster’s building to make their offering and see what he knew.  Fenster was slightly taken aback by the Templeton/eidolon synthesis and claimed the synthesis was not covered by the original gift and not allowed in.  Templeton stepped back outside and Roscuro offered the four found “gifts” plus the shot ball.  Fenster accepted all of them and proceeded to tell Roscuro he had seen Natalia two days ago in Underbridge.  Curious, Fenster had followed her to a house on the eastern corner of Underbridge, right up against the cliff face.  As Natalia “disappeared” a week ago, this was after that!  Fenster explained he had seen her talk to people in the house before entering and she did not leave during the time he watched, which seemed to have been most of a day.  Roscuro had Fenster draw a map in the dirt of which house and Roscuro copied it onto some parchment.  It turned out to be in the same vicinity Roscuro had completely failed to diplomatically ask questions about Natalia a couple days earlier.  He then thanked Fenster for the information and left.

Meanwhile, Zitch and Winston found a group of lowlifes drinking and gambling a short ways off.  Staying hidden, they looked around and determined that none of the celebrants were Tower Girls and so left.  They returned just as Roscuro exited Fenton’s building.  Roscuro relayed what Fenton had told him and they all agreed this building should be investigated.

The Ratpack found the building fairly easily and spent some time observing the building.  It had two doors and appeared to be two stories tall and was down a short alley formed by the adjacent buildings.  The windows were boarded up, but that was not unusual in Underbridge.  We decided to have Templeton, still synthesized with his eidolon, hang back to keep a watch and so we wouldn’t look too threatening.  This backfired.

As Roscuro, Winston, and Zitch walked up, a burly half-orc stepped out one of the doors and told the group to go away.  Roscuro attempted to talk his way past but the half-orc wasn’t having it.  Zitch cast the evil eye on the half-orc and then hypnosis, which failed and human tough came out the door to back up the half-orc.  Roscuro, instead of leading with his fists, talks.  He has Winston throw 5 gold coins at the half-orc’s feet, which puts the fight on pause.

Roscuro explained the ratfolk were looking for a woman last seen here and he describes Natalia without naming her [I mean, who knows who else was listening].  Roscuro explained that he sought proof that she was still alive and the ratfolk would leave.  The half-orc sent the tough into the other door of the building to find out “what the boss wants done.”

Five minutes later, during which both sides stare at each other in the street, the runner returned.  He whispered the reply to the half-orc, but Winston heard him – “Who do they work for?” – and shared the with Roscuro and Zitch.  The half-orc asked the question out loud and in response, Roscuro covertly showed him Roscuro’s wayfinder, identifying him as part of the Pathfinder Society.

This did not seem to please the half-orc who then said, “The Boss is in a meeting.  Come back later.”  Roscuro had no intent of leaving so whoever was in that house could leave.  Knowing what the actual message from the boss was, Roscuro declined, saying, “Maybe you should actually go talk with your boss rather than lying.”  Not surprisingly, this made the toughs more hostile and the half-orc ordered Roscuro to leave now.  Roscuro again declined, stating he had nowhere else to be.  The half-orc called something out in orcish [which none of us understand] and two more toughs stepped out of the adjacent buildings, loosely surrounding the ratfolk.

And then the fight started.

End of Session

Rat Whispers
[The holidays disrupted both play and writing over the last two weeks.  Session 9 was played on December 23rd and will be posted next week, but Session 10 has not happened yet and will likely happen January 13th.]

[For whatever reason, this blog post just seemed to take extra effort to get it typed up.  I run into this occasionally where it takes extra mental effort to force myself to sit down and write up a particular set of session notes.  Usually it gets easier after breaking through the writing resistance.  Sorry for the delay in posts.]

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