Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Delvers Guild – Session 10 – Fun Guys, Redux

[The Delvers decide to have it out with the fungoids before exploring through the gate.]

[This game uses the Fifth Revised Edition of the Hero System rules along with the Fantasy Hero supplement.  This session happened August 19, 2019.]

Player Characters:
Jala – human female – a person of discretion, studying aspects of the Law [to avoid them] at the Dusk Academy
Clarence – human male – studies Religion in Temples district, coincidentally the group healer
Vorgand – human female – professional porter and Adventurer’s Aide, irregularly attends classes at The Tested military academy, practitioner of Steel Serpent martial arts
Zarek the Red – fox male – a cerebrally-unfettered spell researcher [read: Mad Scientist] turned into a talking fox, studying Natural Philosophy at Monarch University to find a way to become human again
Ricky the Astrologer – human male – has a thirst for knowledge but doesn’t know what he’s searching for, currently studying Astrology at Monarch University
Nick Stalwart – human male – part of the Stalwart family of merchants, studying Mathematics at The Interesting Institute of Profitable People, a college at Monarch University

Non-Player Characters:
Torsten, Fish, Harek – surviving bandits and now torchbearers for the Delvers Guild

Freysday, October 25th, 1st year of the reign of King Vladik the Gamesman
Over breakfast the Delvers discussed where they wanted to explore this trip.  They had previously discussed going through the gate to the location with the black sky and dead plants, but now that it was time to enter the underground area their thoughts turned to the fungoids.  The fungoids had barricaded themselves into the first lab area, using the airlock doors to keep the Delvers out but the Delvers had no idea how long they would stay in the room.  If the fungoids came out while the Delvers were on the other side of the gate and took one of the stones off the control pedestal, the Delvers would be trapped on the other side, possibly forever, which would make it very difficult to get back in time for classes on Sunday.

After cleaning up from breakfast the Delvers and the torchbearers gathered up their gear and walked over to the entrance to the underground complex, leaving Orm the ox driver to watch the camp.  They climbed down into the complex upper level and walked around to the open stairwell on the opposite corner of the level.  They took the stairs down to the lower level, taking time and effort to safely get Clarence across the gap in the stairs halfway down.  Thanks to their efforts, when Clarence slipped, he did not fall the rest of the way down.

When the Delvers reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped into the two feet of water that covered most of this level, they became more alert.  They waded down the hallway, past the warehouse area to the intersection at the far end.  The outer airlock doors the fungoids were hiding behind were still shut and immobile to Jala’s testing.

Ricky pulled out the sledgehammer and started hitting the left door.  After a couple minutes he broke off enough of the door to peek in.  Instead of the inner doors or the room beyond, there was a new wall of some sort of creamy-colored substance just in front of where the inner doors should have been.  The new obstacle was wall to wall and ten feet tall, with no visible seams.  Ricky threw a piece broken off of the door through the gap at the new wall.  The piece of door bounced off the new wall with a dull thud and plunked into the water.

Ricky asked the group what they thought about this.  Zarek offered his opinion, which Ricky completely ignored in favor of Clarence’s identical opinion [Zarek has the Disadvantage “Never taken seriously”].  Ricky resumed hammering at the outer door until he broke enough of it off that the Delvers could easily get through.

Inspecting the new obstacle, the Delvers determined the wall was solid but the surface had a little give to the touch.  Zarek borrowed a torch from Torsten and applied it to the wall.  The flames scorched the wall a bit but did not actually burn it any.  Zarek returned the torch to Torsten and then cast a Lightning Bolt at the door.  The new wall absorbed the lightning and grew towards the Delvers a bit!

[Old School Aside: If we were playing any version of D&D, the lightning bolt would have rebounded off the new wall, off the door behind Zarek, and then repeated rebounding a couple more times, hitting Zarek and everyone else in the airlock area six or more times, depending upon the total length of the lightning bolt in that edition.  This quite likely would have been a self-inflicted TPK for everyone in the airlock.  Luckily for the players, the HERO System powers don’t rebound like that.]

Seeing that flame had no effect and lightning made the wall stronger, the Delvers had Ricky cast Dark Leeching on the wall.  That started rotting the fungal wall and a second casting of the spell completely melted the fungal wall away…

…which is when the fungal brutes waiting on the other side attacked Ricky.

Four fungoid brutes laying in wait on the other side of the wall faced off against the Delvers.  Vorgand sipped her potion of haste and stepped forward to hold position in the doorway with Ricky so they only faced two brutes at a time.  The brutes initially attacked with oversized fists, but quickly reformed their hands into spiky masses.  Ricky was stuck in the front rank with Vorgand and was heavily injured before he dove behind Vorgand.  Clarence stepped up to take Ricky's place on the front line.  Clarence had strong defenses from his magic and was able to heal Ricky during the fight.  Vorgand was most effective at damaging the brutes and they had a very hard time hitting her.  It took time and the combined attacks of the Delvers to defeat the four brutes, but they did it.

End of Session

[This is a short write-up, but the session was also brief in action as the fight took up most of the session despite only taking up one paragraph in the session notes.  The fight ran a bit long, which sometimes can be an issue with the HERO System.  The fungoid brutes had 50% Damage Reduction to fire and electrical attacks for reasons that might become apparent to the PCs next session.  This also contributed to the length of the combat.]

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