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Session Report – Barrowmaze – Session 32A

[Don’t have a library card?  No problem – just pack out the entire library!]

[Also?  SPOILERS!  This series will spoil what’s in Barrowmaze, so take that into consideration before reading.]

PCs (The Revengers)
Hrglclxin [pronounced her-gull-klack sin] – male human Guide (5th level Explorer)
Godric – male Dwarven Craft-Vicar (5th level Craftpriest)
Adam – male human Enchanter (6th level Mage)

Dergos – male human guide, still sold on the glory of adventuring, hired by Boris
‘Len – professional torchbearer, full name is Morgullen, but he never uses it, hired by Boris
Nolig – male human porter, hired by Hrglclxin
Proximo – male human Burglar, Godric’s henchman
Verya [pronounced Vir-uh] – female human Hero (4th level Fighter) , hired for 1/3 share of any treasure
Dhekeon – a revenant seeking redemption
Sir Pelinore – male human Paladin, bound to serve the Revengers for 1 year

Hernesday, August 27th, 1st year of the reign of King Vladik the Gamesman
Wanting to go back and collect the rest of the library they had discovered, Hrglclxin, Godric, and Adam hired 20 workers and 10 guards for a trip out to Barrowmaze.  With the Grand Party now in its 21st day, a number of the locals were up for something different and signed on through the Mercenary Guild.  The hired townsfolk were a bit dubious about Dhekeon, but had grown a bit blasé about who the Revengers were keeping company with.

On the way south, a warg caught scent of the group and came to see about a quick lunch.  The adventurers squared off with it and Godric got a small bite for his troubles before Hrglclxin and Adam killed the beast with a combination of bow fire and magic.

When the large group arrived at the field of barrows, they made their way over to The Pit [Barrow 47].  At the bottom they saw nine giant ants picking over the area for food.  They were mostly clustered around the harpy bodies, so Adam dropped a fireball on them, roasting them all.  The expedition then descended using several ropes [otherwise it would have taken all day just to get nearly 40 people to the bottom].

Using planks to bypass the pit trap, the adventurers led the expedition down the passageway west and around the corner to the library.  There the workers spent four hours packing up the scrolls, tomes, and books while the adventurers stood watch with the guards.  Two necromancers of Set showed up near the end of the packing process and attacked.  Godric went to attack first, but his bowstring snapped as he drew [he rolled a “1” on his attack roll].  The necromancers each cast magic missile at Hrglclxin and Godric, disrupting Godric’s spell casting.  This turned out to be a poor choice on their part as Adam cast magic missile in return and was high enough level to get two missiles from a single casting.  He directed one flaming missile at each necromancer and killed them both!

After that bit of excitement, the expedition hauled the library up out of the dungeon and headed back to Helix.  An empire of owlbears [four of them, group name supplied by Sage Advice] started following the expedition through the Barrowmoor, but Hrglclxin was able to lead the expedition away and evaded the owlbears.

Back in Helix, the contents of the library were sold for a tidy sum, especially only split 3 1/3 ways [remembering that Verya gets 1/3 a share of loot].

End of Session

[This was a short session to essentially run something we could have blue-booked via email if we weren’t all too busy to read our email with any regularity.  I didn’t run it as a formal session and few dice were rolled, so we talked it through for the most part.  Overall it took us barely 45 minutes to work this minor expedition out, afterwards we played Junk Orbit, a board game by Daniel Solis that I highly recommend.  Plus, it got Godric and Hrglclxin enough experience points to level as they were both very close.]

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