Monday, November 30, 2015

Session Report – Sam’s Run – Session 1

[This session happened November 24th and is the first actual session of this run.  About a third was The Fin and the GM off to the side setting things in motion and the rest was character interviews.]

Baelthor – male human mage with a loud mouth, preaching the anti-corporate word
Seul-ki – androgynous human from Korea, a laconic expert with swords
Ash – male human car shaman/rigger, speaks in the third person and follows The Spirit of The Road
Roadrunner – female elf, a twitchy rigger with a need for speed who self-identifies as an orc
Krombopulos Michael – male orc physical adept, is a major fanboy of “The Elf in a Gecko Suit”, AKA, Void
Limbsaw – female human street samurai with a monofilament chainsaw, works body disposal on the side

Alfonz – male elf decker, works as a lawyer as his day job

Sunday, March 1, 2076
The Fin, still wanting personal possession of several cars in the estate of “Sam”, the Mr. Johnson (and ultimate target) of A Dwarf in Need.  She had a plan to steal all of the vehicles and sell off the ones she didn’t want to recoup her costs and show a hefty profit.  She finally felt she had enough spare nuyen to finance the run on her own, so she started asking around for the expertise she needed.  She went to her Vory contact, Svetlana, asking for a bent lawyer.  Svetlana put her into contact with Alfonz.

The Fin hired Alfonz to look into the estate of Robert Khordaldrum (AKA, Sam) to determine its status and the current location of the vehicle collection attached to the estate.  Alfonz reported back that the estate had another week to two weeks before everything goes to auction as Robert Khordaldrum had no will nor heirs to place claims on any of his property.  On paper, the vehicles show as still in the underground garage on his home property.

Realizing her time was short to grab the vehicles, she went to her mechanic contacts, Wheels (hired based on a recommendation from Prometheus) and Kaylee (met through Sin).  The Fin explained she had a job and needed help putting it together.  The Fin offered a finder’s fee for help locating:

  • High end car carriers
  • Chop shops able to handle plates and VINs
  • Smuggler contacts to move high end vehicles overseas
  • A container vessel captained by a person with negotiable morals
  • A team of shadowrunners: 2 muscle, 1 B&E specialist, a mage or shaman, and some riggers, all of whom have first-rate driving skills

While Wheels and Kaylee started looking for what The Fin requested, The Fin contacted Bookie and asked him to place some discrete ads on the Dark Net, advertising a single run of black market, high-end vehicles for immediate sale, serious buyers only.  She also had Bookie set up a separate contact point and bounce it to her commlink so buyers would not have her actual commlink number.

Wheels reported back that he had the car carriers lined up and word was out that Mr. Johnson was hiring shadowrunners.  Kaylee reported she had secure loading locations for the car carriers to be loaded and locations for short-term discrete storage of vehicles, near the docks (necessary as the job would take place over three to four days).

Fin rented a back room at Ebey’s Bar in Exile in Everett and started holding interviews, posing as Mr. Johnson’s fixer.  Out of a total of 36 interviews, The Fin hired eight runners: Ash, Krombopulos “Krom” Michael, Limbsaw, Alfonz (as a decker), Baelthor, Seul-ki, Lord Bowler (NPC rigger contact of Ash’s), and Roadrunner (PC rigger contact of Ash’s).  All of the runners had quality driving skills and/or other skills necessary for the job.  The Fin set a date for the runners to meet and get the low down on the job.

End of Session

[Krombopulos Michael’s fanboy crush on Void wasn’t planned, but it made sense once his character was finished and explained to the group.  Void’s nickname of “The Elf in a Gecko Suit” was how the media reported her during the Monkey Business run.  She has Blandness and regularly wears a chameleon suit, so this was how witness’s vague memories were reported in an easy to remember sound bite.  Krombopulos Michael has the Elf Poser negative quality, even though that is normally restricted to Humans Only.  It was too strong a story element to let the rules get in the way.]

[Note that the above does mean that the group has an elf orc-poser and an orc elf-poser.  Along with an androgynous Korean sword saint, a cyber-ed shaman who speaks in the third person, a street samurai with a chainsaw, and a lawyer who does rigging on the side, The Fin has a typical odd-ball group of runners that represents the cream of what first time fixers have access to.  Think about the 26 other runners she turned away as not good enough or too strange and what that implies about them.]

[The real run will kick off on Wednesday, March 4, 2076.  It will be Ash Wednesday.  My character is excited about that, for obvious reasons.  Oh, and yes, I did speak in third person while role-playing Ash.  It took a couple of tries for The Fin's player to keep a straight face while talking to Ash.  Much fun.]

Session 2

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