Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Delay due to Covid-19

I was exposed to and caught Covid-19 on December 26th.  I had a light case of it the week after exposure, which sapped my endurance and left me sleeping a lot.  I have been tested (December 31) and received a positive result (January 3), so I know it was Covid and not just a sinus cold.  My symptoms were atypical and did not include loss of smell, a high fever, or persistent cough (although I do have an occasional cough).

I've mostly recovered, but have another week of isolation to go so that I don't spread it to anyone else.  Friends and family have made grocery drop-offs to keep my wife and I fed as we learned of the exposure the day before we were to go grocery shopping.  Thank you very much to them - they were life-savers.

"Luckily", my exposure was after swapping gifts with my in-laws on Christmas day.  I know who my exposure was, why it happened, and I am very disappointed that it happened.  I also now know which of my friends would hide a zombie bite.  He didn't believe he had it as he was asymptomatic other than a cough, which he attributed to a side-effect of some anti-biotics he was taking [a whole other story].  That does not excuse him for concealing the fact that he was instructed to get a Covid test by the doctor dealing with the other thing, specifically because of that cough.  He was empirically wrong to do so.

Lessons I Want You to Take Away from My Experience:

  1. Just because you don't have all the symptoms, doesn't mean you don't have it.
  2. Just because you don't have all the symptoms, doesn't mean you can't spread it to friends.
  3. When a doctor instructs you to get tested for Covid, for whatever reason, act like you have it until you actually get a negative result.
  4. You don't know better than a doctor.
  5. No, you really don't.


  1. Glad you are recovering. As it is a respiratory virus as you know there are very few unique symptoms, such as loss of smell, associated with it. Of the people I know who have had it, the symptoms are running 4:1 same as a bad cold rather than the complete COVID list. If a test is recommended, get it. Which is the same advice I would give for influenza.

    1. @Rod Thompson I've taken a second test at this point and I'm awaiting the results. I'm hoping for a negative result so I can go back to "normal" pandemic precautions. If I come back positive, I'll have to wait another week and take a third test. It is time I'm willing to spend to avoid infecting anyone else.